Thank you to all that attended and supported this conference

Recap – Dallas Fatima Conference

FATIMA: The Moment Has Come
2024 Conference in Dallas, Texas

Thank you all for a successful conference!

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Testimonies from Those Who Attended:

“I couldn’t believe that you had so many priests there, and that confessions were offered more than once a day, and Holy Mass was also offered, that was incredible. Overall, I think it was great.”

“You were able to answer all my questions – I cannot believe how much I have learned. I am so grateful to you – thanks for this conference!”

“All speakers super. Great conference!! Loved it.”

“Everything was good – I have no suggestions for improvement.”

The Fatima Center hosted a conference in Dallas, Texas on February 9-11, 2024. More than two hundred people were present for this unforgettable event.

International Reach

Most attendees came from the U.S.A., with representatives from as many as 22 states; a few even came from Canada and some from as far as England, Ireland, and Singapore. For some, this was their first Fatima Center conference and an opportunity to learn more about the Fatima Message and meet like-minded people. For others, this was yet another opportunity to meet up with old friends and continue to deepen their understanding of the true and integral Message of Fatima. For all, it was a grace-filled opportunity to hear powerful talks, enjoy sound Catholic fellowship, and honor Our Blessed Mother.

Abundant Graces

Each day the faithful were able to assist at the Traditional Latin Mass, avail themselves of confession and spiritual direction, pray the fifteen decades of the Rosary (one set of Mysteries in the morning, another at midday, and a third to conclude the day’s events), and be invested with Our Lady’s Brown Scapular. Both days also featured riveting Q&A sessions with our distinguished speakers. We enjoyed each other’s company at social gatherings on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Father James Mawdsley, a keynote speaker, shared some of his personal experiences in a powerful talk following Saturday’s dinner: Resist the devil, and he Will Flee from You.

Strengthening Our Resolve

The conference also featured talks from several Fatima experts.

Father Clovis spoke clearly and convincingly on the scriptural and symbolic depth of Our Lady’s Message at Fatima.

Father Michael Rodríguez helped us make sense of the diabolical disorientation in the Church and encouraged us with positive ways in which we can faithfully respond to the crisis.

Christopher Ferrara exposed many of the doctrinal deficiencies currently emanating from the Vatican during this “deep winter” of more than a decade under Francis.

In her characteristic fire-brand fashion, Liz Yore provided a complementary perspective which zeroed in on the heterodox actions of the current pontificate.

Michael Hichborn provided unexpected insights of Fatima as a “Sign of Judgment” by considering the Virgin Martyrs as prefigurements for the chastisements and triumphs we can expect in our time.

David Rodríguez jump-started the conference on Friday evening by helping all our attendees know the basic essentials of the Fatima Message.

Relying on the heroic examples of Ss. Francisco and Jacinta Marto, Father James Mawdsley provided a strategy by which we can preserve the dogmas of the Faith and help restore the Mass which fortified these little shepherd saints.

Additional Talks

This conference also featured a series of short talks which covered a wide variety of subjects from Fatima Center staff, special experts, and local Catholic leaders.

Joseph DiZillo and Monique Krawecki delved into the ever-pressing topic of how each of us can better spread the Message of Fatima – at our parish and within our families and circle of friends.

Dr. Michelle Cretella addressed the issue of transgenderism as part of satan’s final assault upon Marriage and the Family prophesied by Sister Lucia to Cardinal Caffara.

Mr. David Ross spurred on our devotion to Blessed Karl of Austria, a monarch of peace, who ruled as the last Catholic emperor when Our Lady appeared at Fatima.

Mr. Adrian Montes provided pious and practical means by which we can grow in devotion to St. Joseph, who appeared with Our Lady and Our Lord during the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917.

A surprise guest appearance was made by David Dionisi, who has extensively studied our Lady’s apparitions at Akita, Japan and personally interviewed Sister Agnes Sasagawa. Attendees were particularly impressed with the connections he drew between the message of Our Lady at Akita and Fatima.

The last talk concluded the conference on a positive note by addressing our current situation. The comeback of an underdog football team to win a game it was losing badly makes its ultimate success more satisfying. Similarly, the promised victory of Our Lady over the evil that dominates our times will make the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart even sweeter when it occurs.

Videos and Podcasts of the Conference Talks

Father Rodriguez’ Sunday sermon, At the Heart of the Faith: Lent and Fatima, was posted on Ash Wednesday.

Videos of the talks will be posted at our website each Sunday, beginning on February 25, 2024.

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We greatly appreciate your prayerful and financial support – as it is absolutely necessary in hosting such a conference. By God’s grace and Our Lady’s most powerful intercession, we hope to host another conference soon!