First we must educate ourselves by learning the Fatima Message and doing the five things Our Lady asked us to do.
Second, we must educate others on the Fatima Message so they will do what Our Lady asked.

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The True Story of Fatima (BP041)
The Introductory Issue of The Fatima Crusader (SC001)

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Pray the Rosary (BT016)
Our Lady’s Urgent Appeal (BP009)
Make It Known (BT004)
Third Secret Revealed by Frere Michel (BT001) (Archive Link)
Only Way to World Peace (BT017)
Issue 49 of The Fatima Crusader – The Magnificent Promise for the Five First Saturdays (CR049)
Issue 86 of The Fatima Crusader – Special Third Secret Issue (CR086) (Archive Link)
Epilogue: The Secret Still Hidden – Vindication (BT026) – an added chapter to the book: The Secret Still Hidden by Christopher Ferrara

Click below to view or download the leaflets: 
Do You Know? (LF008A)

How to Pray the Rosary (LF056)
12 Frequently Asked Questions on the Consecration (LF077)
10 Important Fatima Questions Answered (LF086)
The Ten Commandments (LF013)
Attach Great Importance to Your Brown Scapular (LF004)
Our Lady’s Garment – The Brown Scapular: A Sign of Salvation and Protection (BT023)
The Green Scapular (LF017)