Vatican Betrayal Update: Cardinal Parolin Dances for the Butchers of Beijing

Fatima Perspectives #1303

An article in La Croix International reveals the depths of the Vatican’s betrayal of the Catholics of the Underground Church in China. The article reports that Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin “has told Chinese state-run media that Vatican-Beijing talks are focused on achieving concrete results for China’s Catholics while avoiding differences between the two ‘systems.’”

Avoiding, that is, the reality that a communist dictatorship governs China and that its very existence is inimical to the Church’s mission.  Instead of addressing the oppression of the Church by the butchers of Beijing and their regime of forced abortion and church demolitions, Parolin, speaking through the voice box of the dictatorship, declared: “China and the Holy See are not discussing theories about their respective systems nor do they want to reopen questions which by now belong to history. Instead we are looking for practical solutions which concern the lives of real people who desire to practice their faith peacefully and offer a positive contribution to their own country.”

That is the policy of Ostpolitik in a nutshell: communist tyranny is considered an irremediable given, never even to be mentioned in Vatican diplomacy.  Instead, says the Cardinal, he and his fellow Vatican bureaucrats will continue to palaver with the butchers of Beijing concerning what Parolin calls “enduring solutions, which are acceptable to, and respectful of all concerned…”. Respectful, that is, toward the butchers of Beijing.

Not for Parolin are “prejudiced positions and which seem to seek to preserve old geopolitical balances.”  By “prejudiced positions” he can mean only the Church’s staunch opposition to communist totalitarianism before Vatican II inaugurated the Vatican’s surrender to the spirit of the age, communism included — “the errors of Russia” that Our Lady of Fatima warned would “spread throughout the world” were Russia not consecrated as She requested in 1929.  And thereafter, with the Consecration lacking, the Chinese Communist Party ultimately triumphed in the Chinese Civil War (1927-1945), with Chiang Kai Shek fleeing to the island of Taiwan in 1945.

As La Croix reports, the Vatican’s head diplomat “said that the Vatican can cooperate with the Chinese government on issues of global importance such as peace initiatives and environmental emergencies.”   

Peace initiatives with a regime that forces abortions on women and demolishes Catholic churches.  Environmental projects with the world’s worst polluter of the environment. Issues of global importance.  As opposed to “prejudiced positions” concerning a regime that forces abortions on women and demolishes Catholic churches.

If only it were a joke.  One disgusted Chinese Catholic commentator, going by the pseudonym Paul, had this to say about Parolin’s disgraceful performance on Beijing’s state-run media platform:

“That’s a wrong way to look at it. Any such criticism is more about opposing a dictatorship. Once the Vatican cooperates with a brutal dictatorship like what we have in China, then the consequences could be unimaginable. [The Vatican-Beijing talks] are only about an exchange of human interests. God has been forgotten in it.”

An exchange of human interests in which God has been forgotten. That sums up practically the whole of the activity of the human element of the Church ad extra since the catastrophic “opening to the world” at Vatican II. This is the state of ecclesial affairs of which Our Lady forewarned at Fatima — a total debacle only Her most dramatic intervention can, and will, remedy.


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