54-day Rosary Novena: Day 11 - Sorrowful in Petition

Who Wrote the Synod’s Final Document? Does the Shadow Know?

Fatima Perspectives #1346

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows!”  Thus spake the anonymous narrator of the famed radio series The Detective Hour in the 1930s.

Who knows who wrote the Final Document of the Synod on the Amazon?  Pope Francis knows! But according to Bishop Erwin Kräutler, the radically neo-Neomodernist open proponent of women “priests” and a key player at the Synod, “no one knows” who wrote the draft of the Final Document.  Nevertheless, it is ready for the Synod Fathers — excuse me, the “voice of the Spirit” — to express pro forma approval for what was surely decided and written even before this absurd and blasphemous sham got underway.

Christopher Lamb, writing for The Tablet, reports that his sources confirm that “a proposal to ordain women deacons has made it into the final document of the Amazon synod” and “that the question of ordaining married men as priests has made it into the final document, although this proposal was in the synod’s working text.”

Whoever finds this news surprising must have just awakened from a six-year-long coma.  Francis long ago telegraphed his modus operandi for getting what he wants: announce a Synod, hint at its predetermined outcome, and then shamelessly declare that “the Spirit” will appear in the synod hall to inspire the latest revelation of the God of Surprises.  Only the imbecilically credulous could be taken in by this repeated con job.  They are not even trying to be convincing.

So, at this moment in Rome, a group of ecclesiastical hucksters, led by the papal equivalent of a Peronist party boss, is preparing to announce yet another rupture with Tradition.  Of course, the rupture will not actually be mandated for the universal Church.  As with all the post-conciliar novelties, the female faux diaconate and the married priesthood will be proffered as merely options to be “studied” and decided upon by local bishops.  The exception that will soon swallow the rule will be swathed in pious rhetoric about “the gift of celibacy,” just as the permission to admit certain public adulterers to Holy Communion was couched in glowing praise for the indissolubility of marriage.

The Modernist as Reformer, to recall the title given to him by Pope Saint Pius X, always proceeds by affirming what he denies even as he works to deny what he affirms.  Which is to say, the Modernist is a liar and a fraud, just as this Synod, like the others Francis has convoked, is a lie and a fraud.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  God, not the Shadow, knows.  It is for Him to judge the hearts of the perpetrators of this outrage when their particular judgment comes.  Perhaps they are so deluded as to think they are serving the good of whatever they think the Church is in their delusional state.  Only God knows.

It is for us, however, to resist, reject, repudiate and seek to reverse the errors of this pontificate in every way that is open to us according to our stations.  A good example of Catholic action in this regard is the removal of the obscene statues of the pagan goddess Pachamama, the veritable icon of this revolting Synod, from the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina by Catholics who would not tolerate this sacrilege any longer and tossed the idols into the Tiber.  A small but very telling symbolic gesture.  The secular press has denounced these Catholics as “ultra-conservative Catholic militants”.  The horror of our situation is that we have a Pope who not only would agree, but has said far worse, almost every day for six years, about the faithful Catholics who oppose his subversive designs.

Pray for a miracle, hope for the best, expect the worst, but be certain that sooner or later Our Lord, through the intercession of His Blessed Mother, will restore the human element of the Church to sanity and sweep aside the works of lunatics who think they are visionaries.


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