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I’m Afraid of Martyrdom

In the summer of 1916, the Angel of Peace appeared to the three Children of Fatima and told them to ” make of everything you can a sacrifice, and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended.”

Sacrifice is a scary proposition for many of us.  We tend to think it involves submitting ourselves to austere penances and mortifications,  But as Hilary White points out in a recent article for The Remnant, our daily lives offer plenty of opportunities for sacrifice.  She writes:

” Whatever you’ve got going on right now, these are the opportunities we’ve been given. It doesn’t look very heroic in the world’s terms, but this is what we’ve got today, right now. My frustration with my physical weakness, my often tormenting memories of my past sins, my failures in life, my stupid selfishness, my cowardice, my mistakes; this is the raw material I’ve got. It’s not pretty, but this is the stuff of our repentance, all we’ve got to offer up to Christ on the Cross.”


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