The Sham Conclusion to a Sham Synod

Fatima Perspectives #1280

The sham summit on “Protection of Minors in the Church” is over.  As expected, not one word of the proceedings was devoted to the homosexual corruption of the Catholic priesthood, from the dioceses to the College of Cardinals and the Vatican itself.  Not even the “abuse of minors” was described as what it generally is: homosexual predation by priests, bishops and even cardinals.

Pope Francis’ closing address to the useless gathering was an exercise in deflecting attention from the real problem. The first 12 paragraphs on “the sexual abuse of minors” rhetorically reduce this immense ecclesial scandal to merely one facet of “a widespread phenomenon in all cultures and societies.” There is even a reference to “the cruel religious practice, once widespread in certain cultures, of sacrificing human beings – frequently children – in pagan rites.”  Anything to deflect attention from the homosexual activity of priests and bishops which underlies the “abuse of minors” in the Catholic Church.

On and on Francis goes regarding the sexual abuse of minors around the world as shown by “statistics… drawn up by various national and international organizations and agencies (the WHO, UNICEF, INTERPOL, EUROPOL and others)” which “do not represent the real extent of the phenomenon, which is often underestimated, mainly because many cases of the sexual abuse of minors go unreported, particularly the great number committed within families.”

“[M]illions of children in the world are victims of exploitation and of sexual abuse,” says Francis, pointing to “the global level… from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Oceania, in order to give an idea of the gravity and the extent of this plague in our societies.” 

It took considerable gall for Francis to state further that “those who perpetrate abuse, that is acts of physical, sexual or emotional violence, are primarily parents, relatives, husbands of child brides, coaches and teachers.  Furthermore, according to the UNICEF data of 2017 regarding 28 countries throughout the world, 9 out of every 10 girls who have had forced sexual relations reveal that they were victims of someone they knew or who was close to their family.”

Francis deplores “acts of violence … in the home, but also in neighbourhoods, schools, athletic facilities and, sadly, also in church settings.”  Also in Church settings! The homosexual abuse of minors by Catholic clerics is here presented as a mere “oh, by the way.”

After further detours into the evil of Internet pornography, the production of child pornography, “the World Congress held in Rome on the theme of child dignity in the digital era,” the “Forum of the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities” in Abu Dhabi and “sexual tourism” involving minors, Francis declares:  “We are thus facing a universal problem, tragically present almost everywhere and affecting everyone.”

Having thus relativized an ecclesial scandal involving homosexual child abuse by clerics, essentially declaring the whole world to be guilty of the same thing, Francis finally gets around to stating: “Yet we need to be clear, that while gravely affecting our societies as a whole, this evil is in no way less monstrous when it takes place within the Church.” In no way less monstrous?  It is in every way infinitely more monstrous as it involves sexual predation committed by consecrated souls who are literally raping the Body of Christ. 

Not until paragraph 13 of his meandering world tour of the sexual abuse of children does Francis finally admit: “The brutality of this worldwide phenomenon becomes all the more grave and scandalous in the Church, for it is utterly incompatible with her moral authority and ethical credibility. Consecrated persons, chosen by God to guide souls to salvation, let themselves be dominated by their human frailty or sickness and thus become tools of Satan. In abuse, we see the hand of the evil that does not spare even the innocence of children.”

But even here, Francis employs the deflection strategy of portraying the sexual abuse of minors as a “worldwide phenomenon,” going on to state that “the Church has now become increasingly aware of the need… to decisively confront the phenomenon both inside and outside the Church.”

This is really too much to bear:  Nowhere on earth except within the Catholic Church does the sexual abuse of minors involve all of these factors: (1) homosexual predation, by (2) validly ordained members of the priesthood of Christ, and (3) true successors of the Apostles.   Yet nowhere in this rather cunning address, which attempts to obfuscate a peculiarly ecclesial failure by harping on a worldwide problem, does Francis even intimate that homosexual activity by Catholic clergy is what has given rise to this epochal scandal.  And consider the supreme audacity of declaring that a Church ridden with homosexual corruption her leaders refuse to address will now confront the sexual abuse of children “outside the Church.”

Continuing to obfuscate, Pope Francis wends his way to a conclusion with several other suggestions that this is really a problem of the world at large, not just the Church:

  • “The abuse of power is likewise present in the other forms of abuse affecting almost 85,000,000 children, forgotten by everyone: child soldiers, child prostitutes, starving children, children kidnapped and often victimized by the horrid commerce of human organs or enslaved, child victims of war, refugee children, aborted children and so many others…
  • “this idolatrous sacrifice of children to the god of power, money, pride and arrogance, empirical explanations alone are not sufficient.
  • “The Church’s aim will thus be to hear, watch over, protect and care for abused, exploited and forgotten children, wherever they are….
  • “we are dealing with abominable crimes that must be erased from the face of the earth: this is demanded by all the many victims hidden in families and in the various settings of our societies.”
  • “I make a heartfelt appeal for an all-out battle against the abuse of minors both sexually and in other areas, on the part of all authorities and individuals

And so on and so forth, until the end of the speech.

Reaching the height of absurdity, Francis declares that the Church will follow “the ‘best practices’ formulated under the guidance of the World Health Organization by a group of ten international bodies that developed and approved a packet of measures called INSPIRE: Seven Strategies for Ending Violence against Children.”   “With the help of these guidelines,” says Francis, “the work carried out in recent years by the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and the contributions made by this Meeting” will continue, after which he finally enumerates a few vague guidelines for Church reform.

Consider: the spotless Bride of Christ, under the leadership of this Pope, is reduced to consulting the pro-abortion World Health Organization on how to address the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergymen.

Francis concludes this travesty of an address with yet another attempt to minimize the Church’s scandal by a rhetorical universalization of what is really a peculiarly ecclesial failure on the part of a human element corrupted by homosexuality: “I make a heartfelt appeal for an all-out battle against the abuse of minors both sexually and in other areas, on the part of all authorities and individuals, for we are dealing with abominable crimes that must be erased from the face of the earth: this is demanded by all the many victims hidden in families and in the various settings of our societies.”

The utter fraudulence of this whole ridiculous spectacle, Francis’ final address included, was exposed by a single question posed to the organizing committee during its pointless proceedings.  The prominent Vaticanist Inés San Martin posed this devastating query regarding the affair of Bishop Zanchetta, the friend of Francis now hiding out in Casa Santa Marta after charges of sexual abuse have been levelled against him:

“How can we believe that this is in fact the last time we’re going to hear ‘no more cover-ups’ when at the end of the day, Pope Francis covered up for someone in Argentina who had gay porn involving minors? How can we believe that this is going to change now?”

Of course, we cannot believe it.  Nothing will change because the problem at the root of it all will not even be mentioned much less addressed.  The occasional scapegoat will be sacrificed, but the underlying corruption will continue as homosexuals continue to be admitted to the seminary and protected in their activity by the networks of influence Cardinals Burke and Brandmueller decried in their plea to the organizing committee, which fell on deaf ears.

The Third Secret continues to unfold before our eyes, and with it the day of reckoning for the Church’s wayward ministers, who for nearly a century have failed to undertake the Consecration of Russia the Mother of God came to request in 1929.  As Our Lord warned Sister Lucia regarding the limits of His divine patience: “Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, they will follow him into misfortune.”


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