Salvini versus the Zeitgeist: Just Say No.

Fatima Perspectives #1224

In the story that political modernity tells about itself, the status quo of democratic pluralism in a secular state is irreversible and there can never be a return to the Christian commonwealth in any form. That is a lie, as shown by the recent triumph of the Italian right in the parliamentary elections, the adoption of a Christian constitution in Hungary in 2012, the rise of a massive, countercultural Catholic political movement in Poland — which, like Hungary, has successfully resisted the EU’s attempts to impose mass Muslim migration — and the Catholic revival in Bavaria, which has just mandated the placement of Crucifixes in all public buildings. 

Turning back the Zeitgeist is as easy as saying NO to its demands in an act of political will that uses the very mechanisms of democracy to restore some semblance of sociopolitical sanity. Hence in Italy, Matteo Salvini, the new “right wing” Interior Minister — there is no left wing in the eyes of the corrupt media — has given a small but very telling indication of just how easy it is to say NO.  He has directed that the form for obtaining Italian identity cards will no longer say “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” but will restore the traditional “Mother” and “Father.”  As Salvini observes (my translation):

“It is a small thing, a small sign, but it is certain that I will do everything that is possible at the Ministry of the Interior and which, moreover, is foreseen by the Constitution.  Wombs for rent and other similar horrors absolutely no…. [W]e will defend the natural family founded on the union between a man and a woman.  I will exercise every possible power.”

Now, if opposing the spirit of the age is as easy as saying NO by an act of political will possible even in the context of mass democracy, even at the hands of a man as self-admittedly flawed as Salvini, how much more — infinitely more — will be accomplished by an act of spiritual will in the form of the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? To recall the words of Antonio Socci, that Consecration will bring on “a radical and extraordinary change in the world, an overthrow of the mentality dominating modernity, probably following dramatic events for humanity.”

There is, however, a terrible irony to contend with until the day a courageous and holy Pope finally does what Our Lady of Fatima requested: that within the Church herself there is strong opposition even to merely political attempts to restore Christian civilization. Thus do we see the “papal mouthpiece” Antonio Spadaro denouncing the placement of Crucifixes in public buildings, as noted in my last column.

Here it is worth recalling the prophetic words of the late great Dietrich von Hildebrand, considered a “20th century doctor of the Church” by Pope Pius XII. Writing in 1973, he warned in The Devastated Vineyard: “The poison of our epoch is slowly seeping into the Church herself, and many have failed to recognize the apocalyptic decline of our time.”

Our Lady, however, recognized that decline when She Herself warned that if the Consecration were too long delayed “various nations will be annihilated.”  Such is the state of suspense in which all of humanity now finds itself.


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