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“Refugees” Threaten to Cut the Throats of their Rescuers

Fatima Perspectives #1215

As the Muslim invasion of Europe continues, Italy has resoundingly declared “Basta!” and is now turning away boats full of overwhelmingly young male “refugees” who think they are entitled to risk their own lives in pontoon rafts after paying human traffickers to take them just far enough into the ocean to be “rescued” by NGOs, who plot with the traffickers to import their human cargo illegally into Italy.

Tuesday’s column exposed the criminal enterprise involved in this immigration racket.  Today, we learn that yet another boat full of male “refugees” has demonstrated the general caliber of the people Pope Francis insists on depicting as innocent victims of cruel immigration laws.  As Euro News reports, the Italian government “intervened in a migrant rescue by a private Italian ship this week after migrants reacted to attempts to hand the operation over to Libyan authorities by threatening the crew…”

The Italian ship, named Vos Thalassa, took aboard 67 potential illegal immigrants, including 6 children, who thought they were heading to Italy after their raft had taken them far enough out to sea to be “rescued” from the emergency they and their human traffickers had deliberately created.  When the ship’s crew revealed that the “refugees” were not being taken to an Italian port in the usual manner of the immigration scam, a number of the adult male passengers, having learned that they were going to be handed over to the Libyan coast guard instead, “started to threaten the crew, surrounding and pushing them and making ‘cut your throat’ gestures.”

The shipping company’s statement noted that being “severely outnumbered on board a merchant vessel by an angry crowd that has very little to lose is very frightening. We are very proud of the professionalism of our crew in these very challenging circumstances.”

The Italian coast guard confirmed that the ship had “reported a situation of serious danger for the security of the ship and its crew… caused by attitudes threatening the crew by some migrants” and further reported that it would be “identifying those responsible for the disturbances”.

Of course there is a duty to save people in danger of death if possible, even if their own reckless conduct is the cause of their endangerment.  But there is no duty to take to them to Italy as illegal immigrants. So back to Libya they go.  Their attempt to violate Italian law with impunity will not be rewarded.  Perhaps many will ultimately return to the women and children they left behind, which is where they belong.

Termination of what has been called the “NGO ferry service” to Italy has actually saved lives rather than endangering them according to the myth that many will die because of Italy’s “heartless” immigration policy.  As Voice of Europe reports:  “Italy’s new government and their stricter immigration policy has busted that myth, with a massive drop in immigration arrivals this year (16,919) of 80% compared to last year (85,197), the death toll for migrants has inevitably also dropped, from 2,258 to 1,058.”  Indeed, it was precisely the criminal immigration racket itself that was killing people by sending them out to sea in unsuitable vessels in exchange for onerous cash payments.

Meanwhile, notes Voice of Europe, there are still “increasing calls from the Pope and the Church generally to accept and assimilate these immigrants into Europe, with little or no thought as to whether the immigrants themselves will assimilate to Europe…” But it seems that facts and rationality have little to do with the ecclesial demagoguery that now reigns in place of the true Gospel in a Church now undergoing the worst crisis of faith and discipline she has ever witnessed.  The crisis Our Lady foresaw at Fatima.


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