54-day Rosary Novena: Day 21 - Glorious in Petition

Calendar 2021

Our new calendar is here!

Get a copy at The Fatima Center online store today!

Suggested Donation: $10

Your donation not only helps cover the costs of producing and shipping this beautiful calendar, but also helps further all the work of this apostolate, bringing the saving truths of our Catholic Faith and the Message of Our Lady of Fatima to souls throughout the world.

These calendars make excellent gifts for family, friends and fellow parishioners, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching!

This calendar is a spiritual resource meant to help you strengthen your prayer life. It is a beautiful and easy way to invite others to practice Catholic devotions and to live the Message of Fatima.

Each of the 12 full-color images highlights a devotion recommended by Holy Mother Church for that month and a prayer from the litany which corresponds to that devotion. Each devotion is also supported and explained by traditional priests in videos and podcasts which we will be posting throughout the year. The twelve litanies are also available from The Fatima Center in a customized prayer book (available in December).

This calendar also includes:

  • A saint to petition every day, to be supplemented by a daily post at our website helping further your devotion to them.
  • Traditional days of (voluntary) penance, inspiring us to offer greater reparation for sin as Our Lady requested.
  • An explanation and checklist for practicing the First Saturday devotion every month.
  • A Fatima timeline illustrating why this Message is more important now than ever before.
  • An introduction to our theme for next year, Fatima 2021: Reparation to Console Our Mother.
Read a brief letter from Fr. Michael Rodr√≠guez describing the calendar.
A one-page flyer you can print or e-mail to others letting them know about this calendar.


Helpful pages:

Five-Point Plan to Defeat Chastisements
Saving the Souls of Wayward Loved Ones
History and Norms of Fasting
First Friday
First Saturday

If you’re interested in last year’s calendar, don’t worry!
You can find the 2020 Calendar here

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