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We Must Act Now

Our Lady concluded Her announcement of Heaven’s command for the Consecration of Russia with a plea of Her own: “Sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray!” When the Consecration is finally done, the wonderful cause and effect relationship of its miraculous results will point directly to Our Lady’s great glory, out of all proportion to the human effort and merit involved, but in the meantime She is asking us to play a part in bringing the Consecration about. Obviously, up to this point we have not done what was needed, either in our prayers or sacrifices or in petitioning our Church leaders, or in explaining and encouraging our friends and acquaintances to be doing the same.

Our time for decision and action is now very short. There will be terrible consequences that reach each one of us, for our collective refusal to do what it takes to get the Consecration of Russia done. In the Third Secret Vision we see the Holy Father being executed by a band of soldiers, but not alone — “In the same way,” Sister Lucy wrote, “there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.” We’re all in this together, and our only way out is the Consecration of Russia.

“Make it known to the Holy
Father that I still await
the Consecration of Russia
to My Immaculate Heart.
Without that
Consecration, Russia cannot
be converted, nor can the
world have peace.”

-Our Lady of Fatima

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