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Placing Trust in Our Heavenly Mother, and Historical 100th Issue of The Fatima Crusader – VL191


“To ensure that Our Lady gets all the credit for Her final triumph, God has chosen the weak to confound the strong. The enemies of Our Lady and of our souls are so strong! We are weak, but in Our Lady’s hands we become stronger.”

Father Nicholas Gruner, Issue 100 of The Fatima Crusader

Feast of the Sacred Heart
June 8, 2018

Dear Friend of our Lady,

Enclosed with this letter is Issue 100 of The Fatima Crusader, which was published in Autumn of 2011 – 33 years after the first issue of the magazine was introduced.

In the Summer of 1978, Father Gruner began what has since become the signature publication of what was at that time, not only the original, but the only office – that is, the Canada office – of what eventually became known internationally as The Fatima Center.

The Canada office, often referred to as the head office – as the apostolate expanded internationally – by Father Gruner and staff, is where Father Gruner began this full-time work of spreading the full Fatima Message in 1977 (see page 6 of the enclosed magazine) and continued this work for 38 years until his death in April 2015.

The original founded name of the organization is The National Committee for the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada – named for the Canadian Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue blessed by Pope Paul VI on the 50th anniversary of Our Lady’s first apparition in Fatima.

On page 6 of the enclosed Issue of The Fatima Crusader, you will read that the signature statue for this apostolate – that is, the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada statue – was transported to Canada with the assistance of seminarian Nicholas Gruner in 1972 (4 years before he was ordained a priest).

The first issue of The Fatima Crusader was published in black and white, was a larger size than the magazine of the last 23 years, and consisted of 8 pages.

Right on the front cover was the apostolate’s Pilgrim Virgin statue. Fittingly, the signature statue of the apostolate appears in all issues of the signature publication of the apostolate – either on the front cover, back cover, or somewhere inside the magazine – including the enclosed issue of the magazine.

The larger format of The Fatima Crusader was maintained for the first 48 issues with one exception, issue 42. The number of pages increased from 8 to 16 to 32 and some had 48.

Beginning with Issue 49, the dimensions of the magazine were scaled down to the shorter, narrower size we are familiar with today.

Issue 49 is a special issue titled, The Magnificent Promise for the Five First Saturdays. First published in 1995, more than 1,000,000 copies of this magazine have been printed and distributed over the years. And it is the only issue of The Fatima Crusader printed in 5 other languages – Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and the most recent – Russian.

Beginning with Issue 50, the number of pages increased to 64. Over the years the number of pages varied, but most commonly the magazine is 64 pages, some are 96 pages, and occasionally an 80 page issue was published.

But the record-breaking issue for the most pages was Issue number 64 with 128 pages. This issue was published in the Summer of 2000 and was the first issue published after the release of what the Vatican called the Third Secret which, as you know, was only part of the Secret – the lesser part. The title on the cover: The Third Secret Revealed?

Many organizations and companies consider the 100th issue of a trademark publication a time of rejoicing or celebration. Father Gruner and Our Lady’s apostolate were no different. I remember how pleased he was, and we all were, when this issue was produced.

Issue 100 is a commemorative issue. Beginning on page 3 is an 11-part article written by Father Gruner that appropriately contains a lot of interesting historical information pertaining to how Father came to do this work, the early years when he first started, launching The Fatima Crusader, some of the enemies encountered over the years, and much more.

The article also gives one an appreciation for the trials and difficulties that Father Gruner endured over the years in doing this work. I can personally tell you for at least the 17 years I worked with him until his death – he didn’t complain. He remained faithful and steadfast in this work, ever focused on the importance of spreading Our Lady’s Message and doing everything possible to get the Pope to consecrate Russia.

The only way such trials can be endured without complaint is if done for love of Our Lord and Our Lady and as a sacrifice for the salvation of souls.

Of necessity, when Father’s reputation was attacked by the enemies of Fatima, it was necessary for him to defend his reputation because of this work. The intent of the enemies of Fatima was to destroy his reputation so people would not listen to the Message of Fatima.

Therefore Father had to defend himself against the false accusations that were made and he did so according to Canon Law. The laws of the Church are in place to protect not only the Church but also to protect the members of the Church.

Also in the enclosed magazine are notes from bishops, priests and others, congratulating Father and Our Lady’s apostolate on the work of spreading the Fatima Message, and words of encouragement to continue with this work.

Though I am quite certain I read this magazine when it was first published 7 years ago, re-reading I discovered some facts that either I didn’t retain when first read, or have forgotten over time. I hope you will find this historical-based article as interesting as I do, and I encourage you to read it, or re-read it.

For more copies of Issue 100 of The Fatima Crusader, call us at 1-800-263-8160 or 1-800-845-3047 or 905 871-7607 or email us at

My Mother, My Confidence

Referring back to the quote of Father Gruner’s at the top of page 1, obviously we are the weak ones chosen by Our Lady. I have heard Father say over the years that Heaven not only chooses the weak – but the least likely, the most unexpected.

In doing Her work, we must remind each other of Who is really in charge – and it isn’t us. It is Her.

Enclosed with this letter is a leaflet you have likely seen before titled: My Mother, My Confidence (Mater Mea, Fiducia Mea).

Let it be a reminder to all, of Who to place our trust in – not each other – only Her. And as you know, whatever is given to Her, She immediately gives to Her Son – but greatly improved by Her beyond anything we could ever offer to Him on our own.

It is a help to get into the habit, while doing one’s daily duties, to call on Her especially in moments of trials. It can be as simple as the words, Hail Mary, or a bit more – My Mother, My Confidence.

Giving out leaflets such as this helps to promote in the world devotion to Our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart as God wills, which was revealed as the ultimate goal in the Fatima Message – “God wills to establish in the world, devotion to My Immaculate Heart”. – Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917.

For more copies of the leaflet, My Mother, My Confidence, call us at 1-800-263-8160 or 905-871-7607 or email us at

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords

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