St. Francis de Sales

Simplicity – Eleventh Day of July

“Be simple as doves.” — St. Matt. 10:16.


Do not philosophize over your afflictions and your contradictions, but receive them with sweetness and with patience; it suffices for you to know that they come from the hand of God. — St. Francis of Sales.

Our Lord caused a person who was uneasy regarding something she had to suffer to hear these words: “Thou sayest thou confidest in Me, and yet thou givest thyself anxiety!”

St. Vincent de Paul received all from the hands of God, without discoursing on the designs of God upon him, only adoring them with respect. He was likewise never seen to show inquietude nor ill-humor, nor heard to complain even when overburdened with work and suffering most.

Afflictions and contradictions were, according to the judgment of St. Teresa, present from a heavenly Father, which she received with much gratitude.


My God, I am ready for all kinds of contradictions, persecutions, and afflictions. I will not be anxious, I will not complain; I will receive them from Thy paternal hand, knowing Thou wilt approve or chastise in Thy mercy.

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