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Sanctification of Our Actions – Fourteenth Day of August

The Sanctification of Our Actions.

“He hath done all things well.” — St. Matt. 7:37.


The sun and the moon praise God, according to the prophet; but how can these stars praise Him? It is by doing the good the Lord commands them to do, in doing this they render Him great praise. Here, then, is an excellent manner of praising God all day. Do all the good you are commanded to do; all that you do, let it be well done. — St. Jerome.

A virtuous girl who was a servant in a respectable house gave great edification by the promptitude, exactness, and joy with which she obeyed in all that was asked of her. One day, while sweeping an apartment with much care, she seemed to be in deep distress. A gentleman, who saw her in passing, remarked: “What is it that gives you pain? Has anything been said to you to would you?” “No, sir,” she replied, “everyone in the house gives me every mark of kindness, more than I deserve. I will tell you. I attended a mission once. The missionary gave me a practice of piety which I have never forgotten. I try to be faithful to it. ‘My daughter,’ he said, ‘do all that is commanded you to do as perfectly as you can; for the love of God and during the time you do this humble yourself as much as you can.’ When I sweep, I do it to please my Saviour, considering that the one who commands me hold His place. In doing this, I say to myself, it would be well for me if I had as much zeal to purify my heart of its sins as I have to make this room clean. This is why I weep.” The gentleman was touched, and edified those to whom he related it.


My God, I will constantly do all that Thou askest, and how Thou askest. I will do this for Thy love, and will not cease to humble myself.

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