St. Monica

Patience – Fourteenth Day of April


He that does not take up his cross and follow Me, is not worth of Me.” — St. Matt. 10:38.


It is particularly in the time of contradictions, sufferings and contempt that those in the Church of God show whether they are of the chaff or the wheat. Under these circumstances, those who are patient and courageous are the wheat, the others the chaff; and the lighter the chaff is the higher it will rise, manifesting their vanity and pride to greater advantage. — St. Augustine.

A gentleman of distinction asked St. Francis of Sales to give a parish which was vacant to a priest of his choosing. St. Francis replied that it was not in his power to grant the request. The gentleman, doubting the saint’s word, was very indignant, accusing him of hypocrisy and duplicity. He even used threats, and poured upon him every abuse. St. Francis, seeing that he could do nothing to appease his wrath, listened tranquilly without interrupting him. He said afterwards, when he was asked why he had listened so quietly: “It was not he who spoke, but his passion. My silence will be the cause of his returning some day, and we shall be better friends than ever. While he spoke with so much passion, I occupied myself in thinking of his good qualities, which make him very dear to me.” Before long the gentleman hastened back, threw himself at the feet of the saint, begged his forgiveness, and their friendship became closer than before.


My God, come to my help in the time of contradictions contempt, and humiliations! Grant that I may accept them, that I may enter into the sentiments of Our Saviour, and that they may be salutary for me and for the edification of my neighbor.