What Will Happen to Us?

So Far Under Communism:
1,537,829,000 Enslaved; 160,000,000 Murdered

What Will Happen to Us if The Pope and Bishops Do Not Consecrate Russia in Time?

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Already it Is Too Late for These People
They, Too, Did Not Think it Would Happen to Them!

“Weep for yourselves and your children.” …Jesus
(Luke 23:28)

What is in Store for Those Who Survive

* Enslavement
* Imprisonment
* Religious Persecution
* Loss of Home and Possessions
* Nowhere to Go — All Freedom Lost
* Forced Labor
* Entire Life Ruled by Communist Party
* Food Shortage
* Betrayal by Friends and Family for Food and Favor
* Bishops and Priests Either Become Communist Puppets or Are Persecuted/Murdered
* Your Lawyer’s 1st Loyalty Is to the Communist Party Rather than Your Rights
* Your Doctor’s 1st Loyalty Is to the Communist Party Rather than Your Health
* Communist Police Harass Rather than Protect You
* Constant Fear
* Disappearance and Imprisonment and Murder of Family and Friends
* Life under Communism Will Be Living Hell

Don’t Make the BIGGEST MISTAKE Of Your Lives
— Of Your Children’s Lives

It Can and Will Happen To You — Unless You Do Your Part

At Fatima, Our Lady said only She could help us in this battle against the militant atheists of the West and East. She foretold the conspiracy of evil whereby all Nations would be persecuted and Communist error spread throughout the world if we did not heed Her in time. Through Her intercession God worked two of the greatest miracles of all time to authenticate the truth and the seriousness of this Message.

The Clock Has Almost Run Out for Us …Will You Listen and Act in Time?
Our Lady Will Protect Her Dear Ones