St. Francis de Sales

Simplicity – Twenty-Second Day of July

“Be simple as doves.” — St. Matt. 10:16.


Let us beware of human sentiments, lest, under the pretext of zeal and the glory of God, they make us form plans and undertake things for the glory of God which do not come from God and are an obstacle to His blessing falling upon us. These sentiments are very much opposed to Christian simplicity. — St. Vincent de Paul.

The Superior of a House of the Mission having written to the saint that he thought it advisable to give missions at first on the estates of persons of considerable importance, thinking by so doing to gain their good-will, the saint replied: “Your design appears to me human, and contrary to Christian simplicity. God preserve us from doing anything with so base a motive! Divine Goodness never asks us to do good to be esteemed, but to refer all our actions to Him alone.”

He wished his missionaries and ecclesiastics to preach solidly but with simplicity. “To enter into the sentiments of our divine Saviour,” he said, “we should not seek our own glory, but that of our heavenly Father. By speaking with the intention of imitating Him He speaks by our mouth, and we serve as the instruments of His mercy, which penetrates the most hardened hearts and converts the most rebellious spirits.”


My divine Saviour, bless the resolution which I take to form no project, undertake no work without fixing my eyes upon Thee, imploring Thy assistance, and consulting Thy maxims and examples.

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