St. Francis de Sales

Simplicity – Third Day of July

“Be simple as doves.” — St. Matt. 10:16.


Simplicity is nothing else but a pure and simple act of charity, whose only end is the love of God. Our soul is truly simple when we have only this end in all we do. — St. Francis of Sales.

The love of god was the only end St. Magdalene of Pazzi proposed in all she did. She expressed herself in the following words: “If by saying one word, no matter how indifferent, I might become a seraph, and that word had any other object than the love of God, I would not say it.”

“I do not serve God,” said another saint, “for the kingdom of God, but on account of His goodness and charity. I serve Him because Jesus Christ has suffered for me, and because, being God, He deserves to be served.”


My God, I desire only to love and to please Thee. I will seek only this. It is not to be happy I desire heaven, it is to love Thee perfectly. Oh, how touching is Thy love and goodness for me!

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