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Our Lord descending into Limbo and freeing souls

Sanctification of Our Actions – Eighth Day of August

The Sanctification of Our Actions.

“He hath done all things well.” — St. Matt. 7:37.


To do well our actions, we must perform them with a very pure intention and a very decided and joyous will to please God alone. This is the body, the soul of our actions; it is this that gives them their value, which makes them easy and agreeable. — St. Francis of Sales.

St. Magdalene of Pazzi did not cease to recommend to the novices in her charge to offer to God even their most indifferent actions; and in order that they might be faithful, from time to time she asked them this question: “For what end do you perform this action?” When the one she interrogated replied that she did it without a supernatural intention, she would say: “Do you not see that by acting thus you lose merit? God is not honored nor satisfied with such action.”

The abbot Pampon, perceiving a courtier superbly attired, could not restrain a sigh nor refrain from shedding tears. He was asked the reason. He replied: “Unfortunate that I am! It would be well for me did I desire with such ardor to please God as this creature desires to please men.”


O my God, what folly not to do all our actions in a manner that will render them meritorious for us! The means is to perform them with much love and purely for love of God.

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