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Patience – Third Day of April


He that does not take up his cross and follow Me, is not worth of Me.” — St. Matt. 10:38.


The Son of God has accomplished our salvation by the means of sufferings; He would by this teach us that there is no means more proper to glorify God and to sanctify our souls than to suffer. Yes, yes, to suffer for the love of Christ — this is the true road. — St. Teresa.

St. Magdalene of Pazzi, being shamefully treated in her last sickness, gave special marks of friendship to the person from whom she received the injury; she rejoiced to have this beautiful occasion, before her death, to suffer. She sometimes said: “I do not wish to die soon, because in heaven one cannot suffer; I desire to live long, so that I may suffer long for love of my Spouse.”


How is it possible that I have such repugnance for sufferings, knowing that Jesus Christ has suffered for me, and to suffer for Him is an advantage the just of the earth have, but the saints of heaven do not possess? My God, give me a love for suffering.

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