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Meditation for month of March

Mortification – Twenty-Sixth Day of March


If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself.” — St. Matt. 16:24.


The greatest gift one can receive in this world from God is the knowledge, the will, and the power to conquer one’s self and renounce one’s own will. — St. Francis of Assisi.

The abbot Pasteur was in the habit of saying that our own will was a wall of iron, which keeps us at a distance and separates us from God.

The Blessed Colette esteemed the mortification of her own will of more importance than the renouncement of all the riches of the world. “All evils have their growth in one root,” said St. Bernard; “it is our own will.”

During a time of great suffering with St. Francis of Assisi, one of the Brothers with much simplicity said: “My Father, pray that God may lighten your sufferings; His hand is too heavy upon you.” The saint replied: “Only your simplicity excuses you. I would send you where I could not look upon you again. How have you the audacity to disapprove of the just judgments of God? O my God!” added, “the accomplishment of Thy will is the greatest consolation I can receive in this life.”


My God, teach me the manner to renounce my will. Grant that I may desire ardently to do so; assist me to do it perfectly. I beg that my greatest consolation here may be the accomplishment of Thy holy will.

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