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Meditation for month of March

Mortification – Thirteenth Day of March


If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself.” — St. Matt. 16:24.


The mortifications which come to us from God, or from men by His permission, are more precious than those which are the offspring of our will. Hold it as a rule, that the less we do from choice or our own taste, the more we shall find in our actions of goodness, of solidity, of devotion, and of profit. — St. Francis of Sales.

An excellent religious was in the habit of saying, in the many trials she underwent, “God wills it;” so that she was given the name of Sister of the Will of God.

St. Teresa received all crosses, interior as well as exterior, with respect, gratitude, and love; she looked upon them as a proof of God’s love, as an inestimable present from a tender father, as precious coin with which she might purchase heaven.

When Our Saviour favored with crosses a servant of God, he said without ceasing, “Fiat,” Be it done, Be it done, and recited the Te Deum.


My Saviour, Thou knowest which are the crosses most salutary for me. I submit to them, I desire them; I receive them with gratitude, and will not cease to bless Thee while I carry them. While I suffer, remember me, and assist me with Thy grace.

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