St. Francis de Sales

Meekness – Second Day of May


Learn of Me that I am meek and humble of heart. St. Matt. 11:29.


Meekness is a virtue which supposes a noble soul; that is, those who possess this virtue are superior to all one may say of them or do to them. Though they may receive indignities from others in word or action, they preserve their tranquility and lose not their peace of soul. — St. Thomas Aquinas.

No one ever saw St. Vincent Ferrer angry, or even troubled, no matter what injurious things were said of him or what ill-treatment he might receive.

St. Francis of Sales was at one time vilely calumniated. When he learned that he was accused of an abominable crime, he did not appear to be disturbed, but resolved to wait for Providence to justify him, which did not happen until some years afterwards. He spoke with the greatest kindness of his calumniators, and his only vengeance was to labor for their sanctification.


My God, I beseech Thee, grant that whatever may be said or done to me may not cause me to lose my peace of soul. Grant that I may regard as benefactors those who treat me as an enemy.

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