54-day Rosary Novena: Day 21 - Glorious in Petition
Meditation for the month of February: Humility. Image: “Christ washing Peter’s feet,” by Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893). (DeAgostini Picture Library / Getty Images)

Humility – Fifteenth Day of February


He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” — St. Luke 14:11


What does it signify if we are calumniated, despised, outraged by men, if we are innocent before God and agreeable in His eyes? The saints made it their pleasure to be little and abject in the hearts of all. — St. Teresa.

Monseigneur Camus, bishop of Belley, complained to St. Francis of Sales of a great injury that had been done him. The Bishop of Geneva said to him: “I admit they have done wrong to treat you thus; they should respect your character. I find fault with you only in one point.” “In what?” asked the bishop of Belley. “It is that you are not as prudent as your ought to be; it would become you to be silent.” The friend of St. Francis of Sales acknowledged his fault.


O my divine Saviour, I consent to be disapproved of, blamed, despised, for Thy love. It matters not whether I please or displease creatures, if I am agreeable in Thy eyes. I desire to live only in Thy heart.

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