Daniel Answers to the King

Conformity to the Will of God – Sixteenth Day of December

Conformity to the Will of God.

“Not my will, but Thine be done.” — St. Matt. 36:39


One of the effects of holy abandonment to God is tranquility of mind in the different accidents of life. The means to preserve this is to imitate the pilots who constantly look towards the pole, that is, the will of God, in order to be closely attached to it. — St. Francis of Sales.

“I have never had a bad day,” said a holy person who was very poor. “Nothing evil has ever happened to me; I fear neither hunger not thirst, cold nor heat, infirmities nor contempt, because I receive all from the hand of God with joy. It is delicious to me to conform to His will. I unite myself to the humanity of Jesus Christ by humility, to His divinity by love: where then ca I find evil, since I am united to my amiable Saviour, Who has suffered for me? I am a true king, my kingdom is in my soul, because with the help of God’s grace I am master of my senses, interior as well as exterior, and my passions I treat as slaves. Through recollection, meditation, and union with God I have learned to govern myself. I have experienced that I can never find rest away from God; since I have abandoned my entirely to Him I continually enjoy peace ineffable; I have abandoned myself to Him by renouncing all affection for earthly things.”


My God, I abandon myself entirely to Thee. Make me the master of myself, interior and exterior, and of all my passions. O my Jesus, grant that I may be united to Thy humanity by humility, to Thy divinity by love.

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