Series: Know Mary, Know Jesus

Confidence – Twenty-Fourth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


He who places himself in the arms of Providence and abandons himself to its guidance, goes in a carriage and does not feel the weight of the cross he carries. He who does not, goes on foot and fatigues himself greatly. — St. Basil.

There was in a small town of Italy a young girl, very poor, who was an invalid and obliged to remain all the time in the same position on a miserable bed. Persons who visited her were greatly edified, as she seemed content and never complained. Some persons speaking in her presence of a great famine with which Italy was threatened, she appeared to take no notice of it. “How,” said they, “can you be so tranquil in the midst of so much misery?” She answered: “All my thoughts are placed in God. I am like a little bird under the wings of His providence. What have I to fear, or why should I trouble myself?”


Lord, I throw myself into the arms of Thy providence; I abandon myself to Thy guidance. Oh, how sweet amid the most violent storms to repose on Thy heart!

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