Series: Know Mary, Know Jesus

Confidence – Thirty-First Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


If a temptation last a long time it would be well to make it known to your confessor; at the same time look lovingly to the Lord as your Father. — Father Cagliari.

St. Jane Frances being violently tempted, and in great trouble of mind, made known to St. Francis of Sales, her director, her condition in these words: “My Father, I am oppressed with horrible temptations, and extremely afflicted in mind. I find no remedy but unceasingly to cast loving glances upon God, abandoning myself entirely to Him. Although I do not feel that perfect resignation, that sweet confidence, that horror of evil I formerly felt, I think, nevertheless, those same virtues have become more solid, firmer than before. When I endeavor to fortify myself by reasoning, renouncement, or other acts, I only expose myself to new temptations, to new pains; while if I but fix my eyes upon my Saviour, I feel less agitated, less troubled.”


My God, if Thou permittest the enemy of my salvation to assail me, permit him not to be victorious. O my tender Father, I love Thee, I will never cease to love Thee!

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