The Fatima Center's Response to the Vatican's Global Compact on Education

Confidence – Seventeenth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


When we have undertaken a work for God, certain that it is His will, it is necessary to be courageous and persevere to the end, no matter how multiplied or great the obstacles may be. Divine Providence never fails in things which we have commenced by His order. — St. Vincent de Paul.

Never was this saint discouraged by difficulties. In proportion as he saw obstacles, he showed more constancy and resolution.

St. Jane Frances said of St. Francis of Sales that she never knew a soul stronger or more generous when there was question of carrying out an enterprise which God had inspired him to undertake. St. Francis Xavier hastened to wherever he saw something to be done for the honor of God, fearing neither difficulty nor peril. This is why he succeeded in all he undertook.


My God, I can do all things if Thou strengthen me. If Thou art with me who will be against me? Obstacles shall never prevent me from doing what I know Thou desirest, what is Thy will.

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