St. Francis de Sales presenting a book to three nuns

Meekness – Twentieth Day of May


Learn of Me that I am meek and humble of heart. St. Matt. 11:29.


Watch over yourself that you do not trouble yourself or become impatient over the faults of others. If you saw a person throw himself into the river, would it be wise in you to throw yourself in also because he has done so? — St. Bonaventure.

“Do not be astonished that I kept silence while I was abused,” said a pious cardinal. “I felt it, but I wished to give reason time to become mistress over passion, lest I might myself fall into the same fault into which he had fallen.”

St. Francis of Sales was charged with having shown too much mildness to a young man who was incorrigible in his faults, incapable of listening to reason. “What would you have me do?” replied the saint. “I did my best to arm myself with an anger that was no sin; but to tell the truth, I was afraid to squander in a quarter of an hour the spoonful of sweetness which I have labored during twenty years to collect in the vase of my heart. I trying to save this young man from shipwreck by rigor and severity, I might myself have been drowned with him.”


My God, give me strength to conquer myself when I am moved to anger; give me such victory over my passion that I may have courage to be silent, or to speak with sweetness, as proof of my love for Thee.