The Secret Still Hidden

by Christopher A. Ferrara

An investigation into the private campaign of the Vatican Secretariat of State to conceal the words of the Virgin Mary in the Third Secret of Fatima

This book is the first full-length examination of the grounds for rejecting Cardinal Bertone’s version of the facts in the Third Secret controversy. The Cardinal’s own statements, including his book and radio and television broadcasts in 2007, are shown to demonstrate beyond any doubt that a text of the Secret has been suppressed, evidently under an unjustifiable mental reservation that the text is not “authentic.”

Among other things, the evidence presented here demonstrates that:

  • The Secret has two parts, as Pope Pius XII’s own investigator revealed, one which contains the words of the Virgin that are not found in the published vision.
  • There are two different Third Secret envelopes, each bearing its own warning, in Sister Lucia’s handwriting, that by “express order of Our Lady” the envelope is not to be opened before 1960.
  • There are two different locations for these envelopes: the Holy Office archives for one, the papal apartment for the other.
  • The text of the Secret was inside an outer envelope bearing dictation by Pope John XXIII and kept in the papal apartment — an envelope the Secretary of State has never produced even though he now concedes that the envelope exists.
  • There are two different Third Secret translations in Italian, neither of which has been made public by the Vatican.
  • Three different Popes since 1959 read texts of the Secret on two different dates — years apart — even though the Vatican’s official explanation claims there was only a single reading by each Pope.

And yet the Catholic faithful are still being asked to believe that there is only onetext of the Third Secret, and that the Virgin had nothing to say about the meaning of the ominous vision she herself confided to the Fatima seers. Whoever still believes this will have no good reason to continue believing after reading this book. And, given the absolute urgency of the Secret for every inhabitant of the planet, the case presented here should motivate Catholics and non-Catholics alike to demand that the Vatican reveal the hidden words of the Virgin to the whole world — before it is too late.



The Secret Still Hidden
Le Secret Encore Caché (French)
Il Segreto Ancora Nascosto (Italian)
O Segredo Por Revelar (Portuguese)
El Secreto todavía ocultado (Spanish)

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