Awareness of the Prophecies

The first law of the Church is the salvation of souls (canon 1752). To facilitate the salvation of souls, a certain amount of peace is needed so the Faithful have time and the other resources needed to attend to the worship of God and to the contemplation of divine mysteries. The Church therefore, to the extent it is able to do so, has a duty to bring about peace among men.

God gave to the Church the specific formula for peace in the Message of Fatima. Therefore, the Church is asked to study the prophecies contained in the Message of Fatima, to reflect on them and to obey them. Further, as our teacher She has the obligation to make individuals, societies and nations aware of the prophecies now.

Many people today do not know the story of Fatima. Less are aware of all of the requests Our Lady made at Fatima, and still less people know that the promises Our Lady made would take place when Her requests were fulfilled. The Pope, bishops and priests the world over should do all they can to make them known to Catholics and all men of good will. This widespread dissemination of these requests and prophecies of Fatima have a very important role in God’s plan, because when Russia is converted by the Consecration of Russia and peace given to the world, then people will realize that it came about through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the obedience of the Pope and bishops to Heaven’s command to do the Consecration of Russia in the specific manner asked for. People will then give due credit to the Immaculate Heart, as God desires.

Blessed Pope Pius IX was grateful when he received the secret of La Salette, and said that knowing it saved him from making many mistakes during his pontificate. Similarly, as the prophetic Secret of Fatima was meant for the entire Church, it should be given to Her members, so that the greatest number of souls may be saved, and many mistakes can be avoided.

It is the duty of the clergy to save the souls under their care, and because they have been denied the final part of the prophetic Message of Fatima, the Third Secret, they are not able to utilize the weapon granted to them for these times by the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore, we must pray that the words of Our Lady given in the final part of the Secret of Fatima be completely revealed, so that the Church and the world may benefit from the prophecies as well as the warnings and the remedies that they contain. And we should further encourage the entire Church, especially the Pope and the bishops, to heed those prophetic elements of the Secret that have already been made known.