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A Telling Admission in a "Papal Address"
Never Given

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 8, 2016

During the recent ad limina visit of the German bishops, Pope Francis was scheduled to give a formal address, found here. As Sandro Magister reports, however, Francis merely had copies of the text distributed to the bishops in attendance, and he later told Cardinal Reinhard Marx, one of the most destructive Modernist termites in the German hierarchy, that he knew nothing of its contents and had not even read it.

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Pro-Homosexual Father Timothy
Radcliffe Featured Speaker at 51st
International Eucharist Congress

Event Features Other Questionable Clerics

by John Vennari
January 15, 2015

In this initial report, we will quickly focus on Father Timothy Radcliffe, who is scheduled to give a lecture at the Congress titled, "The Christian Virtue of Hope." Father Radcliffe is particularly notorious as on record promoting so-called "gay sexuality" in the Church for decades.

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Refugees or Enemies of Christ?

"Let us realize that the Message of Fatima takes a priority in the Church as a prophetic Message. It is a public, prophetic message ... It is not simply a private revelation. And this prophetic message is one of those messages which, as Saint Thomas tells us, is a message given to our time for this generation. ... The Church needs this prophetic message because we are told there is no other way out of the crisis we find ourselves in. I don't only mean here in India, I mean worldwide. ... It is evident today that the people of God, the Catholic Church around the world, is surrounded and we have nowhere to go. And our enemies are ready to kill us." Father Nicholas Gruner, January 30, 2008, Only Way to World Peace Conference, Chennai, India.

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Fatima TV - Synod 9: The Synodal Wasteland

"This is not the Catholic religion you were taught as a child..."
Final video from Rome: John Vennari & Christopher Ferrara - Oct 25,2015

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News Release: November 18, 2015

The Fatima Center Responds to Paris Attacks

Over 130 people were killed in a coordinated terrorist attack in Paris on November 13. The Islamic terrorist group ISIS claims responsibility, according to CNN. While we mourn the tragic death of the victims and offer condolences to their families and friends, we repeat with utmost urgency there is only one solution to bring an end to terrorism and to bring about a period of peace to the world.

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