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Father Gruner & The Message

The general Message of Fatima is not complicated. Its requests are for prayer, reparation, repentance, and sacrifice, and the abandonment of sin. Before Our Lady appeared to the three shepherd children, Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta, the Angel of Peace visited them. The Angel prepared the children to receive the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his instructions are an important aspect of the Message that is often overlooked.

Brace for Impact: Synod of Doom Smuggles
Kasper Proposal Back onto Synod Floor

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 26, 2015

From its very beginning the “Synod on the Family” has been operating as a forum in which the Modernist enemies of the family plot and scheme in secrecy or semi-secrecy to find some way to overturn the Church’s perennial discipline barring public adulterers — the divorced and “remarried” or cohabitating couples — from receiving Holy Communion. The conspirators also seek to create an “opening” to “gays” and their “unions.” They are authorized by Francis to advance their scheme under the cover of anonymous addresses, creating what Francis calls a “protected space”-meaning a place where they can plot and scheme against the Church without having their names revealed to the Catholic faithful.

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Our Lady's E-Newsletter: June 2015

Fatima and Heresy

Pope Francis recently stirred reaction of varying sorts by making the rather startling pronouncement that he might be talking “heresy” when he claimed that the devil does not distinguish “Christians” by their Church affiliation. (See: http://fatima.org/perspectives/sv/perspective737.asp)

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The Log in Fr. Paul Nicholson's Eye

May 18, 2015

The so-called "Missionary Preacher of the New Evangelization" from Canada, Fr. Paul Nicholson, a man who is perhaps best known for calling attention to himself by hurling outrageous invectives at sincere Catholics, has descended to new a low. Lately, he's been working overtime trashing the memory of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, a good and holy priest whose sudden passing apparently struck Fr. Nicholson as a golden opportunity for a little shameless self-promotion.

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Defending Father Gruner's Status
and Reputation from Enemies within the Church

The Fatima Center receives a continuous flow of correspondence by mail, e-mail, fax and telephone and that is a good thing. It means people are interested in the Fatima Message and the Catholic Faith.

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