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Father Gruner & The Message

The general Message of Fatima is not complicated. Its requests are for prayer, reparation, repentance, and sacrifice, and the abandonment of sin. Before Our Lady appeared to the three shepherd children, Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta, the Angel of Peace visited them. The Angel prepared the children to receive the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his instructions are an important aspect of the Message that is often overlooked.

Cardinal Sarah Throws Down the Gantlet

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 27, 2015

In a new book entitled God or Nothing, Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea issues a warning that will ring down through the history of the Church until the end of time:

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BOOK REVIEW: Only She Can Help Us! Evil Forces are Driving the World toward War: James Hanisch

February 12, 2015

This small, one hundred twenty page book authored by James Hanisch is another easy to read, facts packed, scholarly gem produced by Father Nicholas Gruner,s Fatima Center. ¨ Mr. Hanisch,s book is about truth and how those in power manipulate and distort the facts to justify the never ending, unholy wars that plague every generation. The clever manipulation of the spoken and written word, the suppression of information, and bold face lying in order to stoke up “war fever” are clearly presented and well-documented.

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A Courageous Archbishop Speaks Truth to Power

Most every internal crisis in the history of the Church has been due to the failing of faith and courage on the part of Her bishops. The Arian crisis is the most notable example, when most of the bishops feared both the temporal and ecclesiastical powers and not only denied the doctrine of the Trinity but attacked those who defended it...

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