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The Fatima Center's Rapid Response Team Is
Going to Sweden!

Yet another scandal, and another Rapid Response from The Fatima Center, to make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to give our witness to the true Catholic Faith. Later this month, Pope Francis will travel to Sweden to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Revolt ... Read More...

2017 – Are We All Lutherans Now?

Next week Pope Francis will travel to Sweden to participate in a joint liturgy with representatives of the Lutheran World Federation that will commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s revolution.

Luther was excommunicated by the Catholic Church in 1521 but today Pope Francis praises Luther’s “reform”.  Are Catholicism and Lutheranism no longer incompatible?  Are we all Lutherans now?

In this talk given on October 22nd at the Fatima Center’s conference in Chicago, Dr. Peter Chojnowski profiles Martin Luther – who he was and what he stood for.  Watch the video to learn about the man Pope Francis will be honouring.    

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Should a Catholic Celebrate Martin Luther?

October 27, 2016

Why would a Catholic celebrate Martin Luther when his entire revolt was based on hatred of the Catholic Faith?

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The Abomination of the Al Smith Dinner

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 25, 2016

Every year since it was first held in 1945, the Archdiocese of New York has sponsored and organized the “Al Smith Memorial Benefit Dinner,” named after America’s first Catholic presidential candidate. Hosted by the Archbishop of New York, the original purpose of the dinner was to raise funds for needy children of the Archdiocese. Over the ensuing decades, however, this charity event has morphed into an American grotesquerie of diabolical proportions at which Presidential candidates are honored before the whole world regardless of their opposition to the Church’s most fundamental teachings on faith and morals.

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The Power of Love versus the Love of Power

To the elite class of ancient Israel, the people were an ignorant mass to be controlled by force or persuasion. Jesus represented a threat to their rule as He appeared to be undermining their control of the people – the "accursed" multitude (John 7:49). If the influence of the Nazarene was seen to be greater than theirs, the members of the Sanhedrin would lose their usefulness to the Romans along with their privileged position. They decided Jesus must be discredited, condemned and destroyed for the sake of their political survival.

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Looking Back / Modesty in Dress

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

“Our mission at The Fatima Center has been and continues to be unmasking the falsehoods and the tactics used by Fatima's enemies to keep the truth from the public. The public needs to be aware that only through this consecration of Russia will there be true world peace”. (Father Nicholas Gruner, page 3, The Fatima Crusader, Issue 73)

VL093 - Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Card, The Secret Still Hidden, and America Needs Fatima
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