WYD 2023

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Bringing the Full Message of Fatima to the youth and everyone in Lisbon and Portugal so that all may come to fully know, understand, and obey Our Lady of Fatima.

The material we will be sharing with the pilgrims and visitors is below (all FREE DOWNLOADS) and please do not forget to share and more importantly pray for us.



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Fatima in Brief

Taken from a Fatima in Brief booklet with multiple languages (includes 7 Fatima Prayers).


Extrait d'un livret Fatima en bref en plusieurs langues (comprend 7 prières de Fatima).


Tratto da un opuscolo Fatima in breve in più lingue (include 7 preghiere di Fatima).


Extraído de um folheto Fátima em Resumo, em várias línguas (inclui 7 orações de Fátima).


Extraído de un folleto de Fátima en síntesis en varios idiomas (incluye 7 oraciones de Fátima).


Auszug aus einem Fatima-Büchlein in mehreren Sprachen (umfasst die sieben Gebete von Fatima).




Fatima in Brief (Brochure)



The Seven Fatima Prayers



The True Story of Fatima



Pray the Rosary Booklet