“What You Can Do — MUST Do!”

by Father Nicholas Gruner

I had hoped to share with you the extraordinary prophecy of St. John Bosco for this decade of the 1990’s but just did not have the funds to print it.

Upon reading his prophecy I was most uplifted to see that despite the enormous obstacles facing us now it may well be that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart may start in 1996.

But alas, it appears that because we have not listened to Our Lady of Fatima, a major war, WWIII could break out in the next two years. Russia will be the instrument of chastisement in this terrible conflict.

Let us continue to work and pray that the Consecration takes place first so that there will be no invasion of Western Europe or at least that it does not last long.

According to St. John Bosco’s prophecy, the war will be cut short by the Pope and the bishops doing the Consecration of Russia some time between January 1, 1996 and March 19, 1999.

With this marvelous act of faith and obedience by the Catholic bishops together with the Pope, the invasion of Europe will stop almost instantly. Russia will turn from being the spreader of errors and the instrument of chastisement into a means of peace and blessing for mankind.

It is so marvelous and so near. Yet we must still do our part. It is by God’s grace and the merits and prayers of the Immaculate Heart that will bring about this glorious Triumph. But it will not come about without our cooperation, our prayers, sacrifices and work.

But each day we delay, many more souls will be lost forever, many more lives will be snuffed out. So we must not sit idle and wait until most of our friends and relatives are dead, or worse, in hell.

Our work, yours and mine, is not over until the urgent request of Our Lady of Fatima has been fulfilled. As Sister Lucy says, we must pray, but that does not dispense us from doing our work.

Already we have gone through World War II with fifty million people dead. And now fifty million babies are being slaughtered by abortion each year.

Tens of thousands of lives are lost to AIDS every year. Crime, violence, hatred, satanism are on the increase.

Only She can help us

Still the simple truth Our Lady tried to tell us 75 years ago has not yet sunk in to people’s intellects, that “Only She can Help us.”

We must Pray the rosary; wear the brown scapular; consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; keep the commandments of God; avoid occasions of sin; go to Confession at least monthly; attend Mass at least Sundays and holy days.

We must also do the duties of our state in life for the love of God and practice the Five First Saturdays.

By these means we can draw down the necessary graces that our civic and Church leaders need to properly guide us into the paths of God’s peace, justice and love.

We must pray much for the Holy Father so that he will soon consecrate Russia together with all the Catholic bishops because it is only by this means that Russia will be converted to the Catholic faith and that a period of peace will be given to the world.

Obviously we must do all we can to make known this simple message so all can do their share in making it easier for the Holy Father and the bishops to obey.

Jesus, says to us through the Fatima Message, “Make it known”. It could well be that because the faithful have, up to now, failed to sufficiently know, study and meditate on the Fatima message, that as a result too many people are still ignorant of its real meaning.

Today we see the ‘supposed’ Vatican acceptance of altar girls, despite the fact, the Vatican was justifiably against it most recently.

In civil society your constitutional right of free speech and lawful assembly to opposing abortion are now forbidden in some places.

Our God given rights in the Church and civic society are under attack yet it appears most people have been quietly lulled to sleep in the Church and in the world or, they know but think there is nothing they can do about it.

There is plenty they can do. First we must realize that by ourselves we cannot win the battle against such powerful enemies. But with the help of Jesus and under the banner of Our Lady, we can win. Our Lady promises it.

Please tell others. Please pray. Please contribute and do your part to avoid the bloodshed, sweat and tears that will be shed before the final victory — during St. Joseph’s month of March, 1999.

We MUST Choose!

The choice is ours. To stand in the sidelines, to count the cost and not do much or to throw ourselves into this last drive before Our Lady’s victory which She ultimately promises.

Remember Our Lady will protect Her dear ones. If we stand on the side, or only protect ourselves without doing our truly fair share to help Her, how can we expect to avoid the terrible pain under the reign of anti-christian rulers, who delight in persecuting believers. Will we have the strength to stand firm in our Faith then?

Let us invest our time, talents and money in working now for Our Lady’s triumph. She loves you very much. She is your Mother.

But She also needs you to help Her achieve Her victory now before you lose your chance, before many, many more lives and souls are lost forever.