Vatican “Whitewash” of Third Secret

Fatima Center Scores Vatican “Whitewash” of Third Secret

FORT ERIE, ONTARIO – June 27 – The Fatima Center described the Vatican’s interpretation of the Third Secret of Fatima as a “whitewash,” in comments today by Father Paul Kramer, a Catholic priest at the Center.

“The vision described in the text is a scene in which the Pope is shot dead by soldiers, and then bishops, priests and so forth are killed in the same way, one by one, after they have all gone through a half-ruined city. This clearly has nothing to do with Pope John Paul II not being shot dead by Ali Agca,” said Father Kramer.

“Furthermore,” said Father Kramer, “the Vatican’s own official booklet containing the text of Sister Lucia’s vision demolishes the Vatican’s claim, via Cardinal Ratzinger’s commentary, that the Secret relates only to 20th Century events culminating in the 1981 assassination attempt.” Father Kramer was referring to a letter by Sister Lucia to the Pope on May 12, 1982, which was published in the Vatican’s official booklet on the Secret. The letter, written one year less a day after the assassination, states regarding the Secret: “And if we have not yet seen the complete fulfillment of the final part of this prophecy, we are going towards it little by little with great strides if we do not reject the path of sin….”

Father Kramer continued: “If Sister Lucia told the Pope, a year after the attempt on his life, that the prophecy of the Secret is not yet fulfilled, and that we are going toward its fulfillment in great strides because of sin in the world, how can the Vatican possibly say that the vision in the Secret describes the assassination attempt a year earlier? Sister Lucia made no such connection in her letter to the Pope, which does not even mention the assassination attempt. The Vatican’s interpretation has no support in either the text of the vision or Sister Lucia’s understanding of the Secret as expressed in her 1982 letter to the Pope. In short, we are looking at a whitewash of the Third Secret.”

“There is another serious question regarding the Vatican interpretation,” said Father Kramer. “The Vatican’s official booklet notes that Sister Lucia’s memoirs containing the words of Our Lady in the first two parts of the Secret end with the crucial phrase ‘In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc.…’ That phrase just hangs there, out of all context with the previous paragraphs, leading everyone to assume that the thought would be completed in the text of the Third and final part of the Secret, following the ‘etc.’”

Father Kramer noted that, contrary to all expectations, the text of the Third Secret contains no further words of Our Lady of Fatima. “It seems difficult to believe that the spoken words of Our Lady of Fatima end with the ambiguous ‘etc.’ Where is the rest of what Our Lady of Fatima had to say?” Father Kramer further noted that the Vatican’s notice in 1960 regarding its decision to suppress publication of the Secret in that year referred specifically to the decision not to reveal “the words of Our Lady” contained in the text of the Secret. “But the text of the Third Secret released yesterday contains no words of Our Lady at all. This raises a serious question in the minds of many people.”

Father Kramer added that the Vatican commentary makes no reference to the Conversion of Russia predicted in the first two parts of the Secret. “The conversion of Russia is identified by Our Lady of Fatima as the very Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, the focal point of the Message of Fatima. Amazingly, the Ratzinger commentary on the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart in the Vatican booklet on the Secret makes no reference whatever to the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith. This conversion of Russia has apparently been written out of the Message of Fatima, never to be mentioned again by the Vatican. Meanwhile, the abortion rate has soared in Russia, its government is dominated by atheistic ‘ex-communists’ and recycled KGB agents, and Russian society is falling to pieces.”

Father Kramer drew a link between yesterday’s publication of the Secret and a Vatican news conference today at which Vatican Secretary of State, Angelo Cardinal Sodano, and Mikhail Gorbachev spoke to the press regarding the memoirs of the late Secretary of State, Cardinal Casaroli, entitled “The Martyrdom of Patience: 1963 to 1989.” Casaroli’s memoirs defend the Secretary of State’s policy of Ostpolitik or silence and non-confrontation toward communist regimes which oppress Catholics.

Father Kramer continued: “It seems that the Vatican’s ‘spin’ is that Ostpolitik has brought about the supposed ‘fall of communism’ and that this merely political event is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, leading to a brave new world of brotherhood represented by people like Gorbachev. But the Gorbachev Foundation promotes reduction of the world’s population through contraception and abortion. It is a disgrace that this pro-abortion, one-world government globalist was made a guest of honor at the Vatican one day after we are told about the Third Secret. This is a gross insult to the Blessed Virgin.”

Father Kramer observed that no questions were permitted during the Gorbachev/Sodano news conference. “Whoever heard of a press conference at which the press is not allowed to ask any questions? Clearly, the Vatican press office did not wish anyone in the audience to spoil the illusion that the Message of Fatima has been fulfilled with the ‘fall of communism’, and that people like Gorbachev represent the promising new future of mankind.”

The Fatima Center will issue a more complete statement regarding the Secret within “a short time” said Father Nicholas Gruner, head of the Center. “Cardinal Ratzinger said the Church is not imposing any particular interpretation of the Third Secret, but rather that he is merely offering a comment. This was a very prudent disclaimer, because the interpretation offered by the Vatican yesterday raises far more questions than it answers.”