Silencing of the Messengers: Father Alonso (1975 – Present)

In 1966, the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Msgr. Joao Venancio saw the necessity and urgency of defending the authentic message of Our Lady of Fatima against the perfidious attacks of the progressivists — all disciples of the modernist Jesuit Father Edouard Dhanis. To defend the Message of Fatima from revisionists, the bishop commissioned a learned Claretian priest, Father Joaquin Alonso, to establish a complete critical history of the revelations of Fatima. Ten years later, Father Alonso completed his work, entitled Fatima Texts and Critical Studies. The massive work presents 5,396 documents, ranging from the beginnings of the Fatima apparitions until November 12, 1974. His manuscripts were “very well prepared,” according to the Abbé Rene Laurentin, who consults them himself.

In 1975, after 10 years of studying the Fatima archives, Father Alonso declared in public that Father Fuentes’ published 1957 interview of Sister Lucy was a true and accurate report of her statements concerning the content of the Message of Fatima. In the same year, Father Alonso’s 24 volumes of 800 pages each were ready for publication. However, the presses were literally stopped by the new Bishop of Fatima, Msgr. Alberto do Amaral. As a result, Father Alonso’s ten years of research was prevented from reaching the public. Two of the twenty-four volumes were eventually published (in 1992 and 1999, respectively), but only in a heavily edited form. The other 22 volumes remain unpublished, even though they were fully prepared for the press in 1975.

Why would Father Alonso be commissioned to make a critical study of the Fatima apparitions and Message, and then be prevented from publishing it? Have those in authority who wish to subvert the Message of Our Lady of Fatima determined that the telling findings of Father Alonso must be buried with the rest of the Fatima Message?