Questions for Vatican Officials

Questions For Msgr. Bertone, Cardinal Ratzinger and Other Vatican Officials Regarding The Third Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia

    • 1. Sister Lucy’s Fourth Memoir includes as part of the Fatima Message these words of the Virgin: “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.” The use of “etc.” by Sister Lucy clearly means the Virgin had more to say, perhaps in the Third Secret, many Fatima scholars believed.
      • A. Why does the Vision of the Third Secret published on June 26 contain no further words of Our Lady?
      • B. What happened to the words signified by Sister Lucy’s use of “etc.”?


    • 2. In a 1960 press release explaining why the Third Secret would not be published in that year, there was a reference by Vatican sources to “the words that the Virgin spoke.” Why are there no words of the Virgin in the text of the Third Secret published on June 26?


    • 3. In 1984, in an interview given to Jesus Magazine, Cardinal Ratzinger stated that the Third Secret pertains to “dangers to the Faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore the life of the world” and to “the importance of the novissimi” or Last Times. Why is there no mention of these things in the text published on June 26?


    • 4. The Pope’s spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls stated in the Portuguese press that the Pope read the Third Secret in 1978, within days of becoming Pope, yet the Vatican’s commentary on the Third Secret says the Pope never read the Secret until after the assassination attempt in 1981. Can you explain this discrepancy?


    • 5. Did the Pope read a text of the Third Secret in 1978 as Navarro-Valls said? If so, from where was that text obtained and what did it say?


    • 6. Was there ever a text of the Third Secret in the papal apartments at any time before 1981?


    • 7. Sister Lucy stated in her memoirs that she wrote down the text of the Third Secret on a sheet of paper, and Cardinal Ottaviani and others testified that it was written on a sheet of paper. The Bishop of Fatima testified that he could see through the envelope that the Secret contained perhaps 24 or 25 lines of text on a sheet of paper.
      • A. Can you explain why the text published on June 26 is on four sheets of paper and spans 64 lines?
      • B. Is there a separate, one-page text of the Third Secret containing words of Our Lady which accompany and explain the vision published on June 26?
      • C. If such a separate text does not now exist, did it ever exist at any time?


    • 8. Sister Lucy’s memoirs state that she wrote the text of the Third Secret in her notebook as well as in a letter to the Bishop of Fatima. Where is the text from the notebook?


    • 9. Sister Lucy and many others have described the text of the Third Secret as being in the form of a letter, yet the text published on June 26 is not in the form of a letter, since it is addressed to no one and contains no salutation. Can you explain this?


    • 10. If the vision published on June 26, 2000 is supposed to relate to the assassination attempt in 1981, why did the Vatican continue to keep it secret for another 19 years after the attempt?


    • 11. If the Third Secret relates to the assassination attempt and other events now in the past, as Cardinal Ratzinger asserts, then
      • A. Why did Sister Lucy write to the Pope in May 1982, a year after the assassination attempt, to warn that the Third Secret has not yet been completely fulfilled and that we are still moving toward it with great strides if the world does not turn from sin?
      • B. Why did Sister Lucy make no mention of the assassination attempt in her 1982 letter to the Pope about the Third Secret?


    • 12. Is Sister Lucy still being forbidden to speak to anyone concerning Fatima without permission from the Vatican?


    • 13. If so, why is she still being kept in silence if the Third Secret has been fully disclosed and there is no longer anything to keep secret?


    • 14. Monsignor Bertone, Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Ratzinger and many other Vatican personnel were in Fatima during the period April-May of 2000 in preparation for the beatification ceremony.
      • A. Why did none of these people ask Sister Lucy to confirm that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart has been accomplished in the manner Our Lady requested, so that this controversy could be laid to rest?
      • B. On the other hand, if Sister Lucy was asked about the Consecration during April-May 2000, who asked her and what answer did she give?
      • C. Since Sister Lucy was available to give direct testimony about the Consecration in April-May 2000, why does the Vatican’s commentary of June 26 rely solely on an alleged letter from Sister Lucy, written in 1987, in which she tells an unidentified person that the Consecration was properly done in 1984?
      • D. Why rely on a 13year-old letter to an unknown person, instead of asking Sister Lucy herself only a few months ago, when so many Vatican officials were in Fatima?


  • 15. Our Lady of Fatima said that Russia would be converted if it were Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.
    • A. Does “conversion” spoken of by Our Lady mean a conversion to the Catholic faith?
    • B. If not, then what exactly does it mean?
    • C. Does the Vatican claim that Russia is now undergoing the conversion promised by Our Lady of Fatima?
    • D. If so, what evidence is there of a religious conversion in Russia?
    • E. How can the Immaculate Heart triumph, as Our Lady of Fatima promised, if Russia does not become Catholic?

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