Will the Consecration of 2022 Fulfill Fatima?

Yesterday the Vatican released the prayer (read it here) which Pope Francis will use at the consecration ceremony on the Feast of the Annunciation. He has extended an invitation to all bishops to offer this prayer in their own cathedrals with their presbyterate. It is reported that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will also offer this consecratory prayer, but in private (presumably in his personal residence without any media coverage).

To be sure, none of us would presume to anticipate God or judge what He will choose to accept (or not accept). At this point, we only have opinion and speculation – on all sides of the matter.

Thus, time and events will clearly indicate if this consecration was the long-awaited one requested by Our Lady of Fatima. If Russia converts and there is peace in the world – both occurring very soon after the consecration – then we will know it was The Proper Consecration. On the other hand, if the situation in the Church (regarding morals, faith, worship, etc.) and in the world (regarding war, economics, tyrannical control, etc.) continues to deteriorate with no end in sight, we will know Heaven still awaits a proper Consecration.

However, at this point, no one really knows the exact timing between the proper Consecration of Russia being done and the visual effects thereof occurring. We must continue to pray that Providence will seek to provide clarity soon.

Yet, as Our Lord Himself says when speaking regarding times of tribulation:

In your patience you shall possess your souls” (Lk 21:19).

The prayer publicized by the Vatican does mention, albeit with the inclusion of much material unsolicited by the Our Lady, a consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thus, this might suffice to meet Our Lady’s request. Nevertheless, there are also serious concerns regarding this prayer and the circumstances surrounding the event.

[1] Moral Unanimity Amongst the Bishops

As of yet, we do not know how many bishops will join the consecration from their respective dioceses. This number is growing. After Friday, this information should be collated. For example, the last I heard, only about 50 of the U.S.A.’s 260 bishops were joining. Let us continue to pray that this number will grow in the next 48 hours!

[2] Insufficient Mention Is Made of a Day of Reparation

The day of consecration should also be a day of reparation for sin, especially for sins against Our Lady. Have our ecclesial authorities sufficiently emphasized to their flocks that this is a day of serious prayer and penance intended as such reparation? (Note: Francis’ proposed prayer does not even mention reparation. The intention behind every prayer is very important, and in this case, Our Lord and Our Lady have made the necessary intention clear. Nevertheless, it is not mentioned.) Can ‘Fatima be fulfilled’ without such necessary reparation?

[3] A Consecration Must “Set Something Apart” for a “Divine Mission” from God.

In His Providence, God has elected Russia for a specific divine mission. Grace will come to Russia through the Immaculate Heart. Through Russia [her conversion], grace will be given to the rest of the world. Benefits will include peace throughout the world and a glorious flourishing of the Church and preaching of the Gospel to all nations. Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will then reign. But if all of humanity, and all the Church, and even future human aspirations are being ‘consecrated,’ then how exactly does this prayer single out Russia for the role appointed it by Providence?

[4] The Communion of Reparation on First Saturdays Has Been Insufficiently Emphasized.

Few Catholics practice this very important devotion each month. Few parishes foster the devotion. No mention has been made of this devotion in the events leading up to the consecration. Where is the call for this necessary Communion of Reparation? Our Lady gave both of these conditions: the Consecration of Russia and the Communion of Reparation. The world needs the First Saturdays devotion – it will certainly help release the many graces our world needs. Can it be said that ‘Fatima is fulfilled’ if the Communion of Reparation is not a popular devotion?

[5] The Third Secret Remains Unreleased.

Is it not strange that the hierarchy disobeys Our Lady on the full disclosure of the Third Secret (a disobedience enduring since 1960), and yet would obey regarding the Consecration of Russia? As we know, the Third Secret speaks of a grave apostasy (a terrible crisis in the Church on account of the loss of Faith, especially among the religious and hierarchy). It has been revealed that the Third Secret warned against the New Mass and an evil Council. It quite possibly touches upon a papal crisis (two popes, antipope, etc.). There is certainly no requirement that the Third Secret be released in order for there to be a proper Consecration of Russia, but there is clearly a strong connection between the two. Can it be said that ‘Fatima is fulfilled’ if the Third Secret remains intentionally hidden in disobedience to Our Lady?

[6] Imbued with Modernism

The consecratory prayer Francis has published betrays many modernist elements. It centers on human concerns, fraternal unity, and an equality amongst all. It would certainly be stronger if the supernatural concerns were primary, turning men’s hearts and minds to heavenly things. The true Faith, true worship, and true virtue, such as obedience, hold center stage in the Message of Fatima, yet these have been terribly eroded by modernism. The consecration could certainly be done in spite of these modernist lacings. Nevertheless, an essential part of the Message of Fatima is that the purity of the doctrine of the Faith be preserved. Can Our Lady’s Message of Fatima be properly understood if the heresy of modernism continues to dominate the ecclesiastical landscape?

[7] The Social Kingship of Christ

Our Lady’s Message of Fatima emphasizes that Christ is King – not just in the world to come, but right here, right now and in every place. It emphasizes the temporal and spiritual authority of Christ and of His Vicar on earth, the Pope. After all, if Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is to triumph and reign, then it must necessarily happen alongside the Sacred Heart of Her Son, the King. These elements seem to be sorely lacking in the words and deeds which have been leading up to Francis’ consecration of March 25, 2022.

God can do all things, and the Blessed Virgin Mary is all-powerful with God. Let us continue to pray fervently and have full confidence in Our Lady and Her promises. May God’s Holy Will be done. Blessed be the Lord. Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

Editor’s Note:  Following the Consecration on Friday, we invite you to join us for a livestream event with commentary from Brian McCall and Christopher Ferrara. We will also be accepting questions from our viewers. (We estimate this to be at around 1:45 P.M. EST on Friday.)