Day 33 of the 54-Day Novena: Glorious Mysteries in Thanksgiving

Time for CLEXIT!

The overarching tension of our epoch is that between those who lead and those who follow. The hierarchical arrangement of society, including its religious institutions, is collapsing as people lose confidence and trust in the leaders of Church and state. The leaders, in turn, no longer bother overmuch to conceal their contempt for the hoi polloi. The “deplorables,” long secretly despised, are now openly mocked, and the consequent resentment is turning into revolution. How this growing conflict will be resolved in the long term is not clear, but the status quo, if such a term can still be used in the midst of the present turbulence, is unsustainable. Something new, something wonderful or terrible, is taking shape.

In the secular realm, the conflict is usually framed as that between globalists and populists. The media exert themselves tirelessly in the service of the globalists, that is, the leaders, and portray populists (ordinary people) as ignorant, bigoted and in need of a firm hand. The political correctness that has given rise to laws against hate speech and hate crimes is designed to drive from the public square all dissent from the globalist agenda. No one speaks these days without looking over his shoulder, which means no one speaks openly. Fear is everywhere.

The end game, it would seem, is to intimidate the masses so that no one dares to say a word against whatever the state-approved orthodoxy proclaims as the current truth. The end, of course, is not truth, but power. To gain this power, all manner of manipulation is employed, but most insidious is the use of virtue in the service of vice. Compassion, charity, fraternal love – all are being pressed into the service of normalizing aberrant behavior and welcoming the destruction of whatever cultural coherence remains in Western society, which can only exist as a Christian society. If the masses have no shared Faith and morals, the organizing principle of life becomes the state, and whoever controls the state becomes the master of all men.

It is increasingly futile to make distinctions between Church and state, for the Church (the Catholic Church) has willingly been co-opted by the state. It used to be said that the Catholic bishops of the United States were the leftwing of the Democratic Party at prayer. The bishops now appear to have dispensed with prayer. The same might be said about the mainstream Protestant sects. Most religious leaders now echo the talking points of the Left and adorn them with a few pious clichés. This situation is not restricted to the U.S.A. It is worldwide. And the Left has never found a more reliable ally than the current Pope.

Pope Francis dresses up the globalist agenda in clerical garb and then tries to sell it to us as what Jesus was all about and what we, as good Catholics, should support in every way. Open borders, unrestricted immigration, an expanding welfare state, one-world government – all have been promoted by the Pope and by many bishops as rooted in the Gospel. Anyone who opposes this agenda is vilified or mocked. The Pope directs most of his voluminous invectives at those within the Church who regard it as a spiritual institution rooted in tradition. These so-called “pharisaical doctors of the law” are to be despised and regarded as false Christians. They are the ecclesiastical equivalents of the “deplorables.”

The Pope is also aligned with the Left in its destruction of traditional morality. Amoris Laetitia is now used as papal permission for the divorced and “remarried” to receive Communion. It is also being used to make living in fornication an acceptable choice: cohabiting couples must now be “accompanied” rather than chastened. As for homosexuality, we can look at the picture of the Pope on T-shirts at Gay Pride parades and draw the obvious conclusion. “Who am I to judge?” has become an anthem for the homosexual cause.

The non-stop unravelling of homosexual scandals in the Church has left the hierarchy largely unmoved. Cardinals, bishops and, according to Archbishop Vigano, even the Pope have enabled the homosexual culture in the Catholic priesthood. No one expects anything of substance to result from the three-day summit on the abuse of minors the Pope will soon convene in Rome. For Francis, as for many bishops, this is a cosmetic problem. A bit of makeup here and there to cover the annoying blemishes that can be seen and then it will be business as usual.

But it will not be business as usual. The time when people meekly submitted to their leaders in trust and confidence is over. Catholics are waking up to the horrible fact that many of the men they trusted as spiritual guides and counsellors have molested and perverted seminarians, raped children and sodomized one another; and their overseers, the bishops, have either participated in or covered up these predations. And the list of crimes and criminals grows daily. States are convening grand juries; investigations are proliferating. Now, a whole new area of scandal is coming to light: the sexual abuse of nuns by priests.

Meanwhile, the bishops and cardinals still live in fine houses. They have chauffeur-driven cars, cooks, maids, secretaries – all the trappings of successful men of the world. They live off the money of the Faithful. The holdings of some dioceses rival those of Fortune 500 companies. It is time for the Faithful to turn off the tap. So long as corrupt and spiritually mediocre men are allowed to exploit the belief and generosity of the laity, nothing will change.

IT IS TIME FOR CLEXIT! (Catholic  laity withdrawing support for corrupt bishops and priests.)

Now, a bishop or priest may seem to be a decent person, but if he is not living the Faith with passion; if he is not actively fighting for the purity and protection of children; if he is not fearlessly standing against the perversion of homosexuality, in the Church and in society, he is not a man to be trusted. He is not someone you should support with your money or entrust with your soul or the souls of your children. It’s that simple.

The British who voted for Brexit did not abandon their nation. Quite the contrary. They tried to take it back from those who had usurped it in the name of globalism. They tried to salvage what was left of their native culture. Those who opt for CLEXIT will not be abandoning the Church but trying to cleanse it of corruption; trying to restore it to its rightful purity and beauty.

When an organization reaches a certain level of corruption, it can no longer be saved by any reform. It must either be dissolved, or its leadership replaced. The Church will not be dissolved, but it will be diminished. Its leadership must be replaced. All is in God’s Providence, but God has given us free will. We must act as His agents in this world according to the light He has given us. The hierarchy of the Church is too corrupted to right itself. We, the laity, must do it, or try to do it as best we can. Stop giving money to immoral and criminal men who are holding the Church hostage by virtue of their ordination. We should support only those we know are working for the salvation of souls. There are good priests and good organizations within the Church. Let’s give them the help they need and starve the corruption out of the Church.

If being a bishop or priest entails purity, sacrifice, love of others above love of self, the immolation of personal desire for the sake of serving God and His people, poverty and renunciation of worldly goods and glory, then only those men who aspire to holiness will be attracted to the priesthood; only those who have a genuine vocation will be drawn to the consecrated life. Let it be so. CLEXIT is our only option.

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