This Is Madness. Lord, When Will It End?

Fatima Perspectives #1237

On the return flight from his useless papal voyage to Lithuania, Francis was pressed during the inevitable airborne press conference to answer the accusation that he had (as his questioner put it) “‘sold out’ the Church to the Communist government in Beijing, after so many years of suffering.”

In reply, Francis continued the Vatican’s concealment of the specific terms of the secret agreement with Beijing, under which (the Vatican has not denied this) a communist regime will nominate bishops for its pseudo-church, the Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA).  Worse, he admitted that the Catholics of the Underground Church will suffer under the accord:

“You all know that when a peace agreement or negotiation is made, both sides lose something, that’s the rule. Both sides. And they move forward. This is how the process went: two steps forward, one back, two steps forward, one back….These are the times of God, that resemble Chinese time: slowly… This is wisdom, the wisdom of the Chinese. … I think of the resistance, of the Catholics who have suffered: it’s true, they will suffer. There is always suffering in an agreement.”

Incredibly enough, Francis likens the settlement of a civil dispute, in which both sides give up something to reach agreement, to his deal with Communist overlords in which he gave up the Pope’s divine right to nominate bishops.  And this sellout of spiritual goods he supports by reference to the “wisdom of the Chinese” — the Communist Chinese who will now have the warrant they need, handed to them by the Pope himself, finally to extinguish the Underground Church.  And thus, as Francis himself admits of “the resistance,” “they will suffer” because “that’s the rule.”  

The rule?  What “rule” requires Catholics to suffer under the tyranny of godless dictators?

Still worse, Francis had the supreme audacity to declare that a Chinese communist bishop’s expression of support for him following the damning accusations of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, which he refuses to address, is a “sign from God” that his sellout of the Underground Church is God’s will:

“When there was that famous statement by a former Apostolic Nuncio, the episcopates of the world wrote to me saying that they felt close, that they were praying for me. The Chinese faithful wrote, and the signature on the letter was that of the bishop — so to speak — of the traditional Catholic Church and the bishop of the patriotic Church: together, both of them, and the faithful of both [Churches]. For me, this was a sign from God.”

Quite simply, when a Pope cites a Communist bishop in defense of his refusal to address his alleged role in rehabilitating and promoting to prominence a monster who sexually preyed on boys and young men, we are witness to madness in high places in the Church. 

Only God can deliver the Church from this madness, but He has made it clear that in our time He will do so only through the intercession of the Mother of God.  We can only hope and pray that the inevitable divine intervention will come soon.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


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