The “Unknown Light” and the Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

The current state of anarchy, tyranny, chaos, deceit, and pounding war drums gives rise to a healthy dose of conspiracy theories. Some are surely legitimate, and some are not. Working one’s way through the mass of fake news is a formidable challenge.

Speculative Questions Received at The Fatima Center

For example, some believe the Soviets may have successfully built and tested – in 1938 – an earlier version of HAARP, which ‘heats up the ionosphere’ thereby causing unusual aurora borealis effects.

Relative to this, The Fatima Center has received questions asking:

  • Could the earthquakes in Turkey-Syria, which some believe were caused by this same HAARP technology, be a demonstration of this technology now in full use?
  • If people understood that Our Lady’s prophecy revealed a profound weapon that evil men are planning to use, would they not then wake up and do what Our Lady has asked: Consecration of Russia, wearing the Brown Scapular, etc., but also confession, penance, and going to Mass?

These questions do not have definitive answers. Many facts remain hidden to us. Therefore, our answers must, to some extent, remain in the realm of opinion, where men of good will using right reason can legitimately – and charitably – disagree. The answers we formulate are based on what we do know. Most importantly, we look to provide answers not so much from the perspective of science and geopolitics, but rather illumined by our faith and the Message of Fatima.

An Unknown Light

First, let us recall Our Lady’s precise words, which are:

“When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world …”

As we see here, Our Lady speaks of an “unknown light” – which does not mean it was “unknown” to Her (or to God), but only that it would be so to mankind. Thus, it does not seem strange that She would use such terminology.

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A Powerful Man-Made Weapon?

Second, as far as we know, Our Lady never spoke about a powerful or profound weapon built by men. It is important to realize that introducing such concepts to Our Lady’s Message is pure speculation. This is imprudent, even dangerous, because some people will then begin to believe God was warning us about powerful man-made weapons. (All faithful Catholics rightly associate Our Lady’s Message with God’s revelation, which is incapable of deception or falsity.)

Yet do we have anything at all in the Message of Fatima to indicate that it deals with a powerful man-made weapon? No. On the contrary, we know the essence of the Message concerns the Faith, not technology.

A Supernatural Light

Third, the best explanation is that the light witnessed by the world on January 25, 1938 was supernatural – i.e., it did not have ‘natural’ causes. In her Third Memoir, Sister Lucia wrote: “… a few years ago, God manifested that sign, which astronomers chose to call an aurora borealis. I don’t know for certain, but I think if they investigated the matter, they would discover that, in the form in which it appeared, it could not possibly have been an aurora borealis.” [Mark Fellows, Fatima in Twilight (Niagara Falls: Marmion Publications, 2003), p. 101.]

Sister Lucia did not have an educational background enabling her to even consider attributing the “unknown light” to a technological advance not publicly known at that time.

The date is also highly significant. According to her tradition, the Church celebrates the Conversion of St. Paul on January 25. Here was a man who persecuted Christians. Then a great miracle of God’s grace took place. Saul converted and became the Church’s greatest missionary.

In faith, do we not see a clear parallel by which God is foreshadowing His plan? Sister Lucia told us that God would use Russia as a scourge to punish mankind for its sins. Our Lady said that the good would be martyred, the Church would be persecuted, and the Holy Father would have much to suffer. However, once Russia is consecrated she will convert. Great miracles will take place. And Russia will then be used by God to help bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Many lands will receive the Gospel again, and the Catholic Church will experience a great flourishing. Thus, this unknown light having occurred on January 25th is filled with meaning to the Catholic of faith and is a further indication that the light was supernatural, not merely natural, or even man-made.

A Man-Made Weapon?

However, the Turkey-Syria earthquakes may well have been an artificial (HAARP-induced) retaliation by the U.S. for Turkey’s resistance to NATO aims. This view is supported by the facts that they occurred just three days after the Turkish Interior Minister’s public rebuke of U.S. interference, the lack of an epicenter, and there being 182 aftershocks occurring within two days of the initial earthquakes.

As noted in the video “HAARP and the Turkey and Syria Earthquakes – People Had to Die and It’s Not Over Yet” (at Bitchute), there is ample evidence of the earthquakes being an “unnatural and deliberate event.” It is quite reasonable to believe the cause was man-made.

Also, despite nations – especially the U.N. – customarily providing prompt humanitarian aid when needed, in the case of Turkey it was “3.5 days before any international aid had arrived, and a while after that before they began to work … a deliberate withholding of assistance.” This turned a search-and-rescue mission into a body recovery effort instead.

However, there is no clear connection between the 2023 ‘earthquakes’ in Asia Minor to the “night illumined by an unknown light” on January 25-26, 1938. On that night the sky became a brilliant blood-red, not only over Europe but over parts of North America and Africa as well. “The blood-red sky lasted for many hours, and was seen around half of the world at the same vivid intensity.” [Fatima in Twilight, p. 101] This is in stark contrast to the localized phenomena caused by HAARP-induced magnetic waves.

Avoid the Red Herrings

We go down the wrong path when we look only (or even primarily) for natural causes. Just like Russia’s conversion – and the miracles that follow – will not be of natural causes. God will use supernatural events to demonstrate to men of hardened hearts filled with doubtful minds that it is He who is acting – once we have offered reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Russia is properly consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.

If mass apostasy and the complete destruction of our society are not enough to wake people up, then do we think speculation about a weapon will? Maybe WWIII, devastated cities, terrible persecutions, blood running in the streets, famine, plague, and one-third of mankind dying in a nuclear war – no longer a far-fetched idea – will wake us up!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!