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The Trump of Latin America and the Cult of the Virus

Fatima Perspectives #1389

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, has been called the “Trump of Latin America.”  Having barely escaped death at the hands of a radical leftist assassin, Bolsonaro recovered from his wounds and went on to win the 2018 election as President by a 56% majority — a landslide by Brazilian electoral standards.

Since then the Brazilian Left, the Brazilian media, and the entire globalist leftwing-media apparatus have attacked Bolsonaro unceasingly. For the twice-divorced Bolsonaro is no model Catholic but, like Trump in America, he has invoked religious themes in his bid to “make Brazil great again,” including the consecration of Brazil to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

And now, like Trump, Bolsonaro confronts a virtual cult of the virus built upon mass panic over the outbreak of COVID-19 in Brazil, where there are a grand total of 324 deaths attributed to the virus in the entirety of that vast country with a population of more than 180 million people. Standing up to the same regime of local shutdowns of entire cities and states in America by largely Left-leaning politicians, including bans on Mass attendance, last week Bolsonaro “passed a decree that added religious activities to the list of ‘essential services’, meaning temples could remain open even though citizens were asked to stay home.”  But his decree was quickly overruled by a federal court. 

We’re all going to die someday.  Memento mori: remember that you must die.

The leftist-media alliance in Brazil is exploiting this virus for purposes of social engineering, just as that alliance is doing in America, as Laura Ingraham has just warned her viewers (thus breaking ranks with the prevailing panic narrative). Bolsonaro knows this, and he has not hesitated to point the finger at the forces responsible: “The virus is here, we’re going to have to confront it. Confront it like a man, not a boy!… Most of the media has been countervailing. They spread the sensation of dread, with their flagship the high number of victims in Italy [where the epidemic is now declining]. The perfect scenario to be used by the media to spread hysteria. We have to face it with reality. That’s life. We’re all going to die someday.”

We’re all going to die someday. Memento mori: remember that you must die. That is the eternal perspective from which the Christian must view temporal trials like the outbreak of a virus and the prospect of death — quite remote in this particular case. But that is the perspective the cult of the virus seeks to obliterate in a tidal wave of fear that will induce the people to accept the imposition of leftist solutions to a crisis the Left has fomented and blatantly seeks to prolong.

He who denies the virus must be treated as an enemy of the state

We are witness to the emergence of a viral fundamentalism that exploits the fear of death from a particular virus — ignoring all other causes of death — to herd the masses into an increasingly collectivist state, including mass surveillance of cell phone data to keep track of “human mobility.”  The viral fundamentalists preach a kind of civic religion: He who denies the virus must be treated as an enemy of the state, to be informed upon by his own neighbors, and everyone must now be ready to accept permanent restrictions of legitimate freedoms because, so we are told, “the world will never be the same.”

This development is but another symptom of the worldwide apostasy to which, sad to say, only politicians like Trump and Bolsonaro seem capable of offering any semblance of resistance, however feeble, while Catholic bishops the world over shut down their own churches and “cancel Easter” in fear of a virus that might kill some people, as does the flu that sweeps the world every year. Yet the churches remained open even at the height of the Plague in Europe, and many great saints emerged from those dark days.

At bottom, it is not any virus but a loss of faith that engenders terror in the easily manipulated masses. How awful it is to contemplate the reality that in Brazil, as in America, only a twice-divorced politician stands between the people and a final descent into a tyranny whose chains are the fear of death in those who have lost all hope of life eternal.

From which calamity may the Virgin Mother of God rescue Catholic Brazil and our whole fallen world, as She surely will when the imperatives of the Message of Fatima are finally fulfilled.

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