The Rosary and Creation Dispel Errors of Russia

The Message of Our Lady of Fatima instills in us the desire to pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners and for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We are devoted to that plea, knowing that once Russia is properly consecrated, that nation will be converted and the world will be granted a period of peace. We pray for the Consecration of Russia, not only because the Blessed Mother requested it, but also because of Her dire prophecy that Russia “will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church,” if God is not obeyed.

We should not think the ‘errors of Russia’ as limited solely to communism. Otherwise, Our Lady would have more accurately said the ‘errors of communism,’ and Our Lady is always exact in Her words. These ‘errors of Russia’ surely include all forms of Marxism, materialism, totalitarianism, propagandizing, moral depravities, radical feminism, destruction of the family, and rejecting the papacy (an error of Russia crystalized at the Council of Florence). Perhaps the most all-encompassing error of Russia is atheism (see Pius XI’s Divini Redemptoris, 1937). Foundational to this atheism is the false theory of evolution. It is a disbelief in God as the Creator of the universe.

Evil of Evolution


History bears truth to this assertion. One of the Soviet Union’s first goals was to convince its populace of evolution. Massive propaganda was employed by Lenin and Stalin (and by Mao Tse Tung for China), to indoctrinate their nation – especially the youth – in Darwin’s folly (see the interview Insidious Error of Russia: Evolution with Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center for Creation).

The theory of evolution induces men to think that they are a product of random and purely material processes. An inevitable corollary is that man has no soul. This logically implies there is no afterlife, which means Christianity is a ‘fable.’ The ultimate consequence of such false thinking is the heinous error that God does not exist. It then becomes justifiable to treat man as a mere means of production, a cog in the machine. Humans can be objectified. Morality loses all its meaning. The old, the infirm, and children in utero may then easily be murdered for convenience sake, just as one might eliminate an annoying hornet’s nest. The atrocities of gulags, forced starvation, and genocide – all of which are unthinkable in Christendom – become acceptable means of furthering man’s “progress.” In truth, these errors come straight from hell.

Sadly, as Our Lady forewarned, these errors have spread throughout the world and are taught in nearly all our classrooms (even so called ‘Catholic’ ones). Polls have showed that the single greatest reason youth give for having abandoned the Catholic Faith is their acceptance of evolution as truth.  This is why we, as faithful Catholics, must resist this and all the errors of Russia. Our Lady has already given us the tools to accomplish this, and Her Message at Fatima is the ONLY solution of our times. As She Herself informed us, it is God’s divine Will that at this point in history only She can help us.

The Solution

We must cease offending God and remain in the state of grace. We must pray our Rosary daily. Consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and pray for the proper consecration of Russia. Wear the Brown Scapular. Offer prayer and penance – in reparation for your sins, for the conversion of sinners, and especially for the Pope and hierarchy. Practice the First Saturday devotion every month. And spread this Message to everyone you know!

The Rosary is our great spiritual weapon. It involves both reciting prayers (matter) and meditating (form) on the life and virtues of Our Lord and Our Lady. It is on account of this meditation that the Rosary should never become monotonous or tiresome; for the Mysteries of God are inexhaustible. Nevertheless, we often find it hard to meditate on account of our fallen human nature. It therefore helps immensely to have various aids which help us meditate.

Meditating upon Creation

The Creation Theology Fellowship, originating in Europe, has, with the assistance of priests, developed brief reflections for the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary that link each Mystery with God’s Creation.[i] In this manner, they are specifically suited to helping us resist one of the principal errors of Russia and be more faithful to Our Lady of Fatima. Over the next few days we will be posting those meditations with the permission (and encouragement) of the Creation Theology Fellowship (website). If these meditations help you meditate while praying the Rosary, then please avail yourself of them. If they do not help you, then we encourage you to use other pious resources which do.

Through praying these Mysteries, while thinking of the wonders of Creation, may Our Lady hear our plea, grant us an increase in faith, and deliver us from the errors of disbelief and error!

And may our prayer of the Holy Rosary hasten the proper consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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[i] The Catholic Faith is such an integrated whole – perfect beauty and truth – that each Mystery of the Faith is intimately linked to the others (like a great tapestry woven by the Divine Creator). For example, we could meditate upon each Rosary Mystery from the vantage point of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity, or the Holy Eucharist, or Baptism, or the Final Judgment, etc… Creation is one of the great mysteries of our Faith for no human, or angel, will ever understand how God created all things, visible and invisible, out of nothing and maintains them in existence.