Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

The Lockdown Comes to Fatima

Fatima Perspective #1396

There is no longer any doubt that the globalist Left in America and Europe, egged on by Pope Francis, is using the pretext of a virus to impose massively destructive “lockdowns” on the social, economic and religious activity of entire nations in order to build a “post-COVID world” on the ruins. Along with “staying home” to “limit the spread of the virus” — it doesn’t — the dehumanizing face mask, which has no demonstrable medical benefit outside of a hospital or a symptomatic person who is actually coughing or sneezing, has become a symbol of obedience to this state-sponsored demolition project: Citizen, where is your mask?

The ritual is as silly as it is pointless, as this video alone should demonstrate: Donald Trump, who represents the effort to end the largely Democrat-imposed total state lockdowns in the United States, is maskless. Behind him, wearing a ridiculously large face mask that looks like a diaper, which he donned only a few days ago, is Anthony Fauci, the China-friendly, Bill Gates-connected “expert” whose advice to Trump has been spectacularly wrong about everything. According to Fauci, who is clearly a crank, there must be no handshaking, yet people can engage in random illicit encounters with people they meet through “dating apps” if they wish to assume the risk. No face masks required! But one may not assume the risk of going to church or making a living!

This diabolical farce has swept the world to the point where it has now reached the sanctuary of Fatima. As Roberto de Mattei reports (translation by Rorate Caeli), “the Portuguese National Republican Guard (PNRG) since May 9th has been conducting operation ‘Fatima at Home’ with the aim of impeding pilgrims from entering the Marian Sanctuary on May 13th” — to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Fatima event. There must be no “mass gathering” of the faithful because of “the plague” that has claimed a total of 1,200 lives in a nation of 10 million.

Thus, De Mattei writes, the Fatima Sanctuary was surrounded “by 3500 National Guard soldiers, with the duty of assuring that no member of the faithful might approach the place without reasonable justification. And, for the authorities, prayer obviously doesn’t constitute a valid justification. Basically, all means of access to the Sanctuary have been cordoned off, but even other places of devotion as well, such as Aljustrel, the village where Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta were born, Valinhos, the apparition site of August, and even the Via Crucis.”

As De Mattei observes: “It’s as if we are on the eve of the French Revolution again, when Jansenism, Gallicanism, the Enlightenment and enlightened Catholicism – different and varied forces, but united in their hate for the Church of Rome – linked together and multiplied their forces, under the shadow of the Masonic Lodges, to destroy definitively the religious and social order founded by Christianity.” But now, Church authorities not only fail to resist these state-sponsored depredations, they actively support them: “Indeed, all it would take was a clear word from Pope Francis to undo these anticlerical maneuvers and give back a voice to ‘the people of God’, who, after the Coronavirus, appear, not subject, but more vibrant and ready for resistance than it ever was before.” But from Francis, nothing but praise for the actions of public authorities, which he deems “always for the common good.”

So, with Lourdes and Saint Peter’s Basilica already closed to the faithful, Fatima now joins the worldwide regime of the unholy Lockdown. De Mattei asks: “How can we fail to see in these symbolic events the imminence of the great chastisements that Our Lady Herself preannounced at Fatima? The prohibition of faithful Catholics in showing their devotion to Our Lady publicly at Her Sanctuary, draws closer these chastisements, perhaps already instigated with the Coronavirus.”

In a time when we have seen so many unprecedented developments in Church and State, it seems we are now witnessing a kind of civilizational fugue state in which the frenzy of the powers that be suggest that, in their cunning, even they know that time is short for the accomplishment of their designs. Applauding the Lockdown and speaking himself of a “post-COVID world,” Francis too exhibits that same sense of haste, being “driven by the urgency of his dwindling time left on earth.”

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