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The Fatima Center’s Response to the Vatican’s Global Compact on Education

Dear Catholic Faithful,

After spending 12 years in Catholic schools in the 1970s and early 1980s, I had a very imperfect understanding of our Faith. I believed, for example, that salvation was possible outside the Catholic Church and I failed to understand why women could not become priests.

Still, I look back with fondness and appreciation for the nuns and lay teachers who taught me. Despite the gaps in my education, I learned the basics of Catholicism. I knew that I had an immortal soul, that sin offends God, that Our Lord is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, and that Our Lady is my spiritual Mother. Many of us raised after Vatican II did not receive a comprehensive religious formation but we can be grateful for what we did receive.

Imagine if Catholic schools stopped trying to teach the Faith!

On October 15, 2020, Pope Francis and the Vatican will host a virtual meeting to promote the “Global Compact on Education.” This foreboding initiative has largely escaped the notice of the world’s Catholic media, but its effects may be devastating.

Since his election in March 2013, Francis has unleashed a modernist revolution in the Church. In his encyclical Laudato si’ (May 2015), he focused the Church on the environment instead of the salvation of souls. His apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitita (March 2016) attacked traditional Catholic morality, permitted those in public mortal sin to receive Communion sacrilegiously, and claimed good can be found in intrinsically evil homosexual relationships.

Now Pope Francis aims to revolutionize Catholic education.

In the attached Special Report, we contrast Catholic teaching on education with the Vatican’s Global Compact. Instead of focusing on God and salvation, Pope Francis wants education to center on human fraternity and dialogue. Supported by global elites, he is more interested in promoting secular humanism than the Catholic Faith. Chillingly, Francis has instructed the Vatican’s Congregation of Catholic Education – which oversees 216,000 Catholic schools, 1750 Catholic universities, and 71 million students – to promote the Global Compact to all who care about education.

We who received an imperfect Catholic education were cheated out of part of our Catholic patrimony. We cannot allow this situation to worsen for the youth of today. We must learn about true Catholic education and make reparation for the Global Compact. We often employ The Fatima Center’s Rapid Response Team to address problematic Vatican initiatives. As this Vatican event is virtual, we will respond in kind. We will use our online platforms to spread the truth about authentic Catholic education, and spiritually counter the diabolically disoriented Global Compact on Education by acts of reparation. With your support, we plan the following:

  • Monday, October 12: “The Principles of Catholic Education,” a video conference by Fr. David Sherry. Father Sherry has been the principal of a Catholic school for the last seven years and is the author of a series of columns on education published in Catholic Family News.


  • Thursday, October 15th – Join us in praying a Rosary of Reparation at 12 noon EDT on our YouTube channel (or at another time convenient for you that day). We will also organize a procession of reparation with the Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima on this day.

  • Following the Vatican’s event, we invite you to submit your questions on the enclosed form or at Father Sherry will answer your questions in a follow-up interview that we will post on our website and YouTube channel.

Please help us make others aware of this threat to the Faith!

The Catholic Faith is the most precious thing we have. Those who control whether and to what extent young people will learn about it will shape future generations for good or evil.

Please read the Fatima Center’s Special Report. Request additional copies for your family members and friends. Learn about true Catholic education and follow our coverage of the Vatican’s Global Compact online. Pray for Pope Francis, the Church, and Catholic educators everywhere.

Above all, pray and make sacrifices for the youth of today and commend them to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. She is the perfect Mother, who will overcome any obstacles that stand between Her spiritual children and the Catholic Faith, which they must rightly profess in order to spend eternity with
Her Beloved Son.

May God Bless You and Your Family.

Miriam Gruner

P.S. The Fatima Center relies on your ongoing spiritual and financial support. Without your assistance, our response to the Vatican’s Global Compact on Education and all we do to promote the Catholic Faith and Fatima Message would not be possible. May Our Lord through Our Lady reward you for your generosity!

P.P.S. We continue to stand for the truths of the Catholic Faith online. Please check out our weekly catechism course, “Building on a Firm Foundation,” and talks by priests and laity that foster Catholic truth and piety on our website ( and YouTube channel.

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