"Mass Euthanasia..." article by Kennedy Hall

Mass Euthanasia Campaign: True End of the Lockdown

Almost a year ago, I published an article that contains the following quotation:


“This irrational response has never been about saving human lives, and it is lamentable that any reasonable Catholic would be fooled by such an idea. Our nations sacrifice human life by way of abortion and euthanasia that would make the Moloch-worshipping Babylonians blush. Until a few weeks ago, you would never expect orthodox Catholics to bow down to the dictates of the freemasonic United Nations and World Health Organization. This behavior is to be expected from ‘liberal Catholics’; but nevertheless, even many traditional Catholics have fooled themselves into thinking that the globalist state is telling the truth.


“I hope that I am wrong, but if we are not vigilant, this pseudo-communist take-over will import the full extent of this virus. Perhaps it may seem extreme, but I cannot see how this diabolical reaction does not set the stage for policies similar to those of China, like the limitation of family size.


For some reason, I had a ‘gut feeling’ that something was brewing which went way beyond the virus, and I thought it had something to do with population control. As I have said in other places, the severity of any illness is not the point; the point is the reaction and the changes to daily life and our infrastructure that have wrought so much destruction.


As the first lockdown began to lift in various jurisdictions, it became clear that there was a large backlog in surgery appointments, as well as other normally routine check-ups. It cannot be underestimated how severe the effect of delayed and missed appointments can be when considering the time-sensitive nature of catching certain diseases early in their progression. It does not take an ‘expert’ to understand that there would be a snowball effect of mounting illnesses that would unfortunately become fatal as time went on.


Recently, I read a report from a Canadian news source about the tragic data coming from Ontario Public Health. At present, there are about 250,000 or more sick people waiting for potentially life-saving surgery in hospitals. There has been a 60% drop in cancer surgeries, with 36,000 of those delayed. Needless to say, it is effectively impossible to recover from this, and tens of thousands of people in my province alone will die when they could have been saved. This is not to take into account the immeasurable effects of mental health, dramatic rise in suicides, increase in alcohol and substance abuse, growing domestic violence, as well as the exponential rise in sedentary lifestyles that will increase problems with obesity-related illnesses.


We have all heard the sad stories about nursing homes, and the significant casualties of the so-called pandemic. Again, the data is so suspect with regards to the coronavirus that it is impossible to tell whether or not all the reported deaths from long-term care homes were due to the virus, or instead labeled as such with dodgy testing standards, or even due to patient mismanagement. In addition, anyone who has or has had relatives in such living situations knows how integral human interaction is for the elderly and infirm. I imagine we have all seen or heard stories how grandma or grandpa’s health declined for reasons that had more to do with their spouse dying, or from loneliness than from any obvious physical ailment. There is certainly something metaphysical about the will to live that affects an older person’s longevity.


At any rate, the reported deaths of the elderly have caused sadness and anger amongst the public who believe it is wrong that they were not protected. These feelings may be warranted, but there is a sad irony to this, considering we live in a society that has either totally accepted or is on the path to legalization of assisted suicide/euthanasia. Our societies have collectively accepted it as ‘dying with dignity’ that an old and sick person should be assisted in their suicide if they have no ‘quality of life’ left. Yet, we are also told that it is somehow a tragedy if portions of this same demographic die a few months before they otherwise would have, from an apparent virus.


Personally, I believe this is a distraction. And when I consider the damning public health numbers, I cannot help but see the demonic spirit of euthanasia all over the lockdown. If you dig a little bit, you will find that the elites and globalists have always been obsessed with population control and eugenics. I speak about this at length in a recent video, but the modus operandi of achieving their goals has always been to find ways to either kill off the sick and infirm, or to allow them to die off by other means.


The motivations fed to the public by media-propaganda machines can change with time. Today it is the cause of climate-change and environmentalism that stokes alarm amongst those worried about the planet “having too many people.”[1] This is why we see, on the one hand, the alarmism about how tragic this virus has made society; and, on the other hand, we are told that the slow-down of society has been beneficial to the environment. The so-called Great Reset initiative is gleefully exploiting the pandemic narrative in order to push an environmentalist agenda forward.


All of this is to say that, in my opinion, I believe the globalists have achieved their goal, and have done it amid myriad distractions. They have always desired a culling of the people who are a ‘drain’ on the system; and while most people have worried about Chinese flus and double masking, they have made it so millions of people worldwide will die from lack of access to necessary treatments. As with all things diabolical, the duplicitous nature of how all of their ultimate evil-end has been covered up, is quite telling of their motivations. This has always been a mass-euthanasia campaign; it has never been about a virus.

[1] Consider just this little known statistic. The entire population of the world could fit into just two states of the United States and the population density would only be similar to that of San Francisco, which is only the 20th most densely populated city in the USA.There are about 7.6 billion people in the world. Texas (268,597 square miles) and California (163,696 square miles) have a combined area of 432,293 square miles. If all the earth’s people were located in just those two states, the population density would be 17,580 people per square mile (compared to San Francisco’s 17,246 people per square mile).

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