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Is Our Society Communist? Part One

The Errors of Russia

Those who have followed and supported The Fatima Center for several years know that we have frequently warned — with ever increasing alarm — against the spread of the Errors of Russia. These are, of course, not ethnically tied to the Russian people, but instead refer to errors which have historically taken root in Russia and then further spread to other parts of the world. We must also be careful not to impose preconceived parameters limiting what these errors may or may not be. The phrase “errors of Russia” was used by Our Lady, not the errors of Communism nor the errors of atheism. Hence, that is the most perfect term to delineate these errors.

I think everyone agrees that the economic and political systems of Communism are included in these errors. This makes a lot of sense given the historical context of Our Lady’s final apparition (Miracle of the Sun, October 13, 1917) occurring just a few weeks before the October Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Yet, this revolution was fueled by deeper currents which include Marxism, atheism, principles of Freemasonry, biological and cosmological evolutionism, and elements of numerous false modern philosophies. This broad term used by Our Lady may very well include even religious errors, such as the rejection of the papacy and the only true Church of Jesus Christ, which is One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this series of articles, I’d like to zero in on that aspect of the Errors of Russia which are the rampant errors of Marxism.

Benign Marxism Does Not Exist

At the time of Our Lady’s appearing more than a century ago, it was the political state of Russia that would be the vehicle of destruction aggressively spreading Marxism around the world like a veritable pandemic of diabolism. A few decades later, China — and eventually many regions throughout the world — would adopt some form of Marxism, albeit under different names. Some assume that Communism is separate from Marxism, or that Socialism is a mild form of Communism. Others posit that Leninism or Stalinism are particularly brutal forms of Marxism, but that there is a softer approach societies should strive for by “properly implementing” Marxist philosophy. Yet, such false idealism only holds in a fictitious utopia; it is not reality and Our Lady of Fatima reminds us of this truth!

I imagine no one reading this article is under the impression that there is a “good” form of Communism and a “bad” form, but you never know. At any rate, besides the obvious forms of Communism that we have seen over the years — think hammer and sickle USSR flags — the ideology of the Marxists can be seen by the venomous fruits of their philosophy. In essence, you can look at what are the hallmarks of a Communist society and see if those apply to your society, almost like symptoms of a disease. If there are enough symptoms, then it is likely that your culture has been infected with the legacy of Karl Marx.

Michal Semin is a Czech expert on Communism. A few years ago he did an informative interview with the late John Vennari. In this interview, he describes the characteristics of a Communist state. I thought it would be particularly enlightening to see how those apply to our current reality, especially considering the coronavirus fallout and lockdown measures yet again sweeping the globe.

Change to Public Life and Privacy

According to Semin, under Communism, public life and private life change for the worse.

Through a steady stream of propaganda, the state promotes a grand narrative and a belief in its well-intentioned motives which the populous has to accept. No one dares to dissent in public out of fear of punishment for being a political criminal, or worse. Does it not seem that this characteristic is as strong as ever in our societies? Not only has the dogma of political correctness taken hold of most institutions, but with the coronavirus hysteria, it seems that the only ‘mortal sin’ left in this world is dissenting from the ‘accepted science’ of the narrative. If someone expresses an opinion contrary to the COVID-orthodoxy, they are essentially labeled a thought criminal. They are ostracized, ridiculed, calumniated, censored, or can even lose their license to practice their job; this holds true even in the medical field and when one’s statements are backed up by objective empirical data!

Many people do not buy into the hype, yet they wear their mask so as not to appear different and call attention to themselves. They practice socialist distancing and say the right things when asked. They put on this appearance out of social pressure, to avoid a hassle, or for fear of being punished. It is only in their private life where they express their disagreement. Yet, in many places the government has created “snitch lines”, even encouraging people to stop their friends and family from gathering against the rules, so many remain guarded even in the privacy of their own homes!

Under Communism, like under COVID-ism, the wall of separation between public and private life is strong, causing people to live in conflicting realities.

Schools Are Favorite Tools of Communists

Rather than go into the depth of issues pertaining to modern education — of which there are many — let us instead focus on how the schools are being used during this Marxist crisis under which we now live. Ultimately, the goal of Marxist education is to erode the authority of parents and give it to the educators. I can attest that this is a contentious ordeal, as there is a legitimate aspect wherein the educator acts in loco parentis (in the place of the parent). Yet, in the classical framework of education, the teacher naturally upholds the values of the home and the Church. This is rarely the case in our day.

Under the lockdown dictatorship, schools have become like overt centers of social conditioning. In some places, schools have not reopened, which means that students are isolated and staring at screens for long hours at all times of the day. Such youth are clearly receiving a subpar education. In places where schools have opened, with restrictions, children of all ages are wearing masks, and are corralled around the building in a very systematic format. You do not need a degree in psychology to understand the conditioning this will do to the young mind, as the students are living under the most stringent restrictions set up by the bureaucrats, all under the auspices of “keeping us safe” and “an abundance of caution.”

If the goal of the Marxists is accomplished in these settings, students will be perfectly conditioned to completely alter their lives in order to eagerly receive whatever the government offers.

Furthermore, the goal of Marxist education is to indoctrinate, which is actually different than to educate. To indoctrinate means to have a pupil comply with a set ideology without the ability to question or dissent. To educate means to inculcate in a student the ability to seek truth and beauty in the various disciplines of academia and practical skill sets. It is a common myth that the Church indoctrinates, whereas the secular education system simply teaches.

Perhaps do an experiment to see if this is true: take a look at the great works of Thomas Aquinas, and then take a look at what happens to students and teachers who dissent and question the prevailing orthodoxy in the politically-correct institutions. In the former you will see the freedom even to question the logical underpinnings for the very existence of God; in the latter you will find limited freedom to question within a realm of predetermined guidelines, with anything outside the accepted confines deemed as everything from “intolerant” to even “violent.”

Coming Soon…

In our next article we will continue to assess our current lockdown-world and the ugly face of Communism that has been unmasked.

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