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Global Compact: Masonic Manifesto

Until recently, the pseudo-magisterial documents we have grown accustomed to were not so bold in their promulgation of the devil’s ideology. High-minded philosophical language and equivocal propositions have been the modus operandi of conciliar theologians. This ambiguity has been used adroitly by modernist prelates and educators, who are knowingly or unknowingly seeped in masonic principles, to promote an “evolution of dogma” which ‘dialogues with’ and ‘responds to’ modern man. (This is a gross misnomer; we should say man who wishes to justify his sin – he is as ancient as Eden.)

However, under Pope Francis, and with the documents and conference dialogues of the Global Compact on Education, Freemasonry has been unleashed in the Catholic world without disguise or restraint. You see, the devil is willing to bide his time working evil in the shadows. Yet, on account of his unquenchable pride, he has the insatiable desire to unabashedly manifest himself and his deeds for all the world to see.

From the onset, the Global Compact on Education is a freemasonic globalist document and not a Catholic one. Its working document states: “Pope Francis summoned representatives from around the world to Rome to sign a common pledge to build a global compact on education.” Yet, the bulk of representatives are not even Christian! And what are they pledging? The document itself discloses the avowed ideals.

A “New” Way of Thinking (?!)

The Compact states: “In the encyclical letter Laudato Sì[1], Pope Francis reminds us that ‘education will be inadequate and ineffectual unless we strive to promote a new way of thinking about human beings, life, society and our relationship with nature.’” Apparently, Catholic education in the past was inadequate. Now we need a “new way” of thinking about human beings, as if the Christian anthropology of St. Augustine, St. Thomas and our great saints was insufficient? This is because past Catholic education resisted instead of inculcated freemasonic principles.

Those who wish to do away with the greatness of Christian civilization must always trumpet generic ‘progress’ and a vague ‘new and improved’ way to advance their promise of an ethereal utopia. Yet, we should hearken to the words of St. Vincent of Lerins: “But what if some novel contagions try to infect the whole Church, and not merely a tiny part of it? Then he will take care to cleave to antiquity [tradition], which can never be led astray by any novelty.”

And we are now told we need a new ‘relationship with nature.’ I am curious, how can one have a relationship with nature, properly understood. Does nature speak with human beings? Do we have friendship with nature? This sort of gobbledygook sounds more like pantheistic paganism than Catholicism.

The masonic messages continue: “Fraternity is the cultural category that underpins and paradigmatically guides Francis’ papacy… The more fraternity is exercised, the more it does not express primarily a moral duty, but rather the objective identity of mankind and the entire creation.” This is Freemasonry, plain and simple. It is admitted openly that fraternity – the underpinning of Freemasonry through the amorphous brotherhood of man – is the center of Francis’ papacy.

Yet, it is Christ’s law that redemption and kingship must underpin every culture! It is in fact His Church, His Mystical Body – adhering to God’s eternal decrees – that merits grace and mercy for all creation. How is it that a pope can speak in a way so foreign to the Catholic sensus fidelium?

Furthermore, the Global Compact asserts that even morality is to be set aside for fraternity. This sounds like a false “Spirit of Vatican II” wherein unity is sought without adherence to the truth. This is a devastating lie of the devil. It is an impossibility because God is the source of all truth and only through, with, and in Him, can real unity be found.

A Consistent Message

By this point in Francis’ papacy, the contents of this document should not surprise us. As early as 2014, Pope Francis put forth these ideas in a speech called “Fraternity, the Foundation and Pathway to Peace.” The author of the Global Compact working document makes sure to include mention of this speech. You can almost hear the cry of the masonically-driven spirit of the French Revolution, “Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité.”

In fact, Francis has filled this document with self-references. By my count, of the 44 references to past statements by churchmen, 41 of them are to himself (93%), with the remaining three to Benedict XVI. This means there is not even one single reference to teaching prior to Vatican II. There are no references to the Church Fathers, Doctors, past Popes or saints. This document unabashedly flaunts its novelty and does not even try to hide the fact that it stands completely outside the stream of Catholic Tradition.

Another hallmark of masonic influence on society – which can be seen in many post-Vatican II documents – is the notion of interreligious dialogue. Freemasons enthusiastically advance the grave error that all religions are equal or at least sufficient for eternal reward. This has long been a favorite theme of Pope Francis.

The infamous ‘Abu Dhabi’ document[2], wherein he suggested an equality between religions by putting forth the idea that God somehow “wills” other religions – even in a positive sense![3] – is an example of this freemasonic spirit.

The Instrumentum Laboris further relates the following freemasonic message:

“Following what various religious leaders suggested to Pope Francis, it is necessary to focus today on educating the questions of our youth, which are a priority compared to providing answers: it is a matter of dedicating time and space to the development of the great questions and wishes that dwell into the hearts of new generations, who from a serene relationship with themselves might fulfill the search for the transcendent.”

In this we see that the Pope has followed the advice of other religions, and that questions are valued over truth. Furthermore, a “serene relationship with self” (whatever that means) apparently helps us to understand the amorphous “transcendent.” Does this not sound like gnostic new age speech? Can it be seen as anything other than an exaltation of the self to the center of existence? It essentially deifies each person as their own ‘god,’ and this individual subjectivity is to be valued over truth. Such thought is a freemason’s dream – each man becomes his own god, and the True God is irrelevant.

It would seem that the writing was on the wall…

To be concluded in Part III, ‘A Summary of the Global Compact.’

[1] Read a critique of this encyclical at The Remnant and/or watch a video at our YouTube channel, both by Christopher Ferrara.

[2] The formal name of this agreement is “A Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.” When a person of Faith, devotion, and piety reads that title, one naturally thinks: “This must be about the world plan for peace brought by Our Lady of Fatima.” Yet, not even one reference to Our Lady, to the Catholic Faith, to Jesus Christ, or to the Blessed Trinity is made in this statement!

[3] The specific statement from that document being referenced here is: “The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings.” The context of this statement as well as the rest of the document make it clear that it is not God’s “passive will,” which permits evil that also permits a plurality of false religions, but rather that this is an act of His “active will,” which only authors that which is good. This notion is a grave error and great affront against God’s perfect goodness and infinite majesty.

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