Cardinal Zen to All the Cardinals: The Vatican Is Murdering the Church in China

Fatima Perspectives #1369

In the wake of the new guidelines that the butchers of Beijing have published for the final subjugation of the Underground Church in China, which is the subject of my last column, Cardinal Joseph Zen has now published a letter recently sent privately to the entire College of Cardinals.  The Cardinal includes with the missive a document outlining his dubia (translation by OnePeterFive) concerning the Vatican’s “pastoral guidelines” for the “civil registration of clergy” in China under the still-secret accord with said butchers of Beijing. These “guidelines” legitimate the existence of the Patriotic Catholic Association (PCA), the pseudo-Church that the butchers of Beijing have created as the vehicle for exterminating the Underground Church, meaning the true Catholic Church in China, whose members still refuse to join Beijing’s diabolical creation.

Concerning the “pastoral guidelines” document, Cardinal Zen’s most telling point is that a reading of them shows that “it is absolutely clear that it encourages the faithful in China to enter into a schismatic Church (independent of the Pope and under the orders of the Communist Party).” For that reason, writes the Cardinal, last July he “presented my ‘dubia’ to the Pope,” who “promised me that he would be interested in it, but until now I have heard nothing.” 

Surely the Cardinal is not surprised to have heard nothing from Francis. (Dubia, by the way, has become Latin shorthand for “a document which Pope Francis completely ignores.”)

Showing just how devious the Vatican has been in promoting its act of ecclesiastical treason, Cardinal Zen notes that the “pastoral guidelines” pluck a phrase from Pope Benedict’s letter on the Church’s situation in China completely out of context to create the false impression that it is not “normal” for Catholics of the “clandestine” [that is, true Catholic] Church to remain underground, as if to suggest that they ought to come out of hiding and join the PCA. But that reading, says Cardinal Zen, “is diametrically opposed to the whole meaning of the paragraph [from which it comes].”

The phrase in question is Benedict’s observation that “The clandestine condition is not a normal feature of the Church’s life,” with nothing more quoted in the “guidelines.” But, as Cardinal Zen points out in his dubia, the whole paragraph from which the phrase was cropped reads thus:

“Some of them (bishops), not wishing to be subjected to undue control exercised over the life of the Church, and eager to maintain total fidelity to the Successor of Peter and to Catholic doctrine, have felt themselves constrained to opt for clandestine consecration. The clandestine condition is not a normal feature of the Church’s life, and history shows that Pastors and faithful have recourse to it only amid suffering, in the desire to maintain the integrity of their faith and to resist interference from State agencies in matters pertaining intimately to the Church’s life.”

In context, then, the cropped phrase means precisely that the Catholics of the Underground Church have no choice but to stay Underground if they would remain Catholics.  Says Cardinal Zen: “This manipulation of the thought of the Pope Emeritus is a grave lack of respect; indeed, it is a deplorable insult to the person of the very meek still-living pope. It also disgusts me that they often declare that what they are doing is in continuity with the thought of the preceding pope, when in fact the opposite is true.”

But then, have we not become used to such rhetorical deception during a pontificate whose hallmark is the constant abuse of sources, even Sacred Scripture, as documented here?  (Recall, as just one of innumerable examples, the shameful censorship of the Canticle of the Sun by Saint Francis of Assisi, from which the “eco-encyclical” Laudato si’ censors every explicitly Catholic part without even an ellipsis to indicate what was removed, as shown here.)

And then this explosive claim: “I have good reason to believe (and I hope that one day I will be able to prove it with archival documents) that the accord that has been signed is the same one that Pope Benedict had, at the time, refused to sign.”  I believe there can be little doubt of this, but we shall see.

The Cardinal concludes with this plea to his fellow cardinals: “Dear Eminence, can we passively witness this killing of the Church in China on the part of those who should be protecting and defending it from its enemies? Begging you on my knees, your brother.”

But from the cardinals, only silence.  The silence of the mere hireling of which Our Lord speaks, who “seeth the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and flieth: and the wolf casteth and scattereth the sheep.  And the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling: and he hath no care for the sheep.” (Jn 10-12)

But the sheep in China have not only been abandoned to the wolves, but positively handed over to them by the Vatican apparatus.  Which is to say, the Vatican bureaucracy itself exhibits the behavior of wolves. The same wolves of which Benedict said at the outset of his pontificate: “Pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”  The same wolves who now, having driven Benedict from office, misquote him in support of their predation of the flock.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


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