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More on the Bergoglian Myth of “the People.”

Fatima Perspectives #1359

In my last column I discussed the ideological function of the concept of “the people” in the political thought of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which has carried over into the ultra vires political activity of the papacy he assumed in 2013, activity to which no Catholic is obliged to give assent (e.g., the condemnation of “walls” aimed at preventing illegal immigration; the endorsement of the “climate change” sham; the demand for worldwide abolition of the death penalty as immoral, contrary to the constant teaching of the Church on its legitimacy for the gravest crimes, but never any such abolitionist demand as to abortion, and so forth). 

In the same column, I noted that “the people” is merely a cipher for the revolutionary political programs of ideologues who purport to speak for “the people” when the real people, in their workday lives, never call for what the ideologues demand in their name and generally impose by the revolutionary violence of a tiny but radicalized minority.  For example, the revolutionary destruction of Catholic France by a comparatively miniscule number of radicals agitating in Paris.

It has since occurred to me that not only does “the people” not really mean “the people” but rather the ideologues — in this case the current occupant of the Chair of Peter — but also that when “the people” do actually speak via democratic elections in which a majority vote for a particular political outcome the ideologues oppose, suddenly “the people” are of no account and their decision must be denounced. 

Such is the case with Pope Francis.  Consider what “the people” have declared in recent democratic elections that have elevated so-called nationalist and populist parties into positions of power, thereby posing impediments to the globalist agenda of open borders, government controls justified by the apocalyptic claims of “climate change” fanatics, the normalization of sexual perversion in the name of “LGBT rights,” and the overall centralization of political power in such organs as the EU and the United Nations Organization.

For example, we have the vox populi manifesting itself in the following leaders and parties (by no means do I endorse them all carte blanche):

  • Matteo Salvini and the League party in Italy;
  • Marine Le Pen and the National Rally party in France;
  • Nigel Farage and the Brexit party in Britain;
  • Tom Jozef Irène Van Grieken and the Vlaams Belang Party in Belgium;
  • Viktor Orban and the Fidesz party in Hungary;
  • Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom in Holland;
  • Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the Law and Justice Party in Poland;
  • Norbert Hofer and the Austrian Freedom Party in Austria;
  • Jair Messias Bolsonaro and the Social Liberal Party in Brazil;
  • Jeanine Áñez Chávez and the Plan Progress for Bolivia Party in Bolivia (elected following the exile of Bergoglio’s socialist friend Evo Morales);
  • Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party in Canada;
  • Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the United States.

The rise of these leaders and parties is simply unacceptable to the ideologues of globalism because “the people” have departed from the end the ideologues have in view. And, sad to say, Francis is one of those ideologues.  His supposed attentiveness to “the values of this people… the spirit… the heart… the work… the history, and… the myth of its tradition” has gone out the window in the face of what the real people of real nations really want: an end to the mass migration of Muslims into once Christian countries; a reaffirmation of national Christian identity; a rejection of the “LGBT” agenda; resistance to globalism and the centralization of power in trans-national organs controlled by the rich and powerful, whose luminaries flock to the Vatican to receive a lavish welcome from the humble Pope.  The humble Pope who makes a big show of riding about in a Fiat Cinquecento into which he can barely fit while living in circumstances which 99% of the world’s population would consider the height of luxury.

Hence Francis can be heard, alongside his carbon-spewing, jet-setting globalist partners, denouncing what he belittles as “populism” and “sovereignism” while praising the “Founding Fathers” — not of Christendom but of the definitively anti-Christian European Union.  “Doors shall be opened, not closed,” huffed Francis in the face of “the people’s” unacceptable rejection of the mass illegal immigration of Muslim males into Western Europe (while he remains safe behind the Vatican’s immense fortifications, the doors to which are firmly closed to immigration).

Ignoring the refusal of the people to endorse the “climate change” power grab by increasingly tyrannical governments the real people are trying to roll back, in the same linked interview Francis seriously proposed Greta Thunberg, an arrogant teenage brat, as a model for “the people” to follow:

“Do you see some new awareness on the environment and climate change issue?

“Yes, especially in the movements of young ecologists, such as the one led by Greta Thunberg, “Fridays for future”. I saw a sign from them that struck me: ‘We are the future!’.”

In short, like his fellow ideologues, Francis doesn’t care one whit about “the people,” whose privations and struggles against overweening governments he does not have to suffer behind the walls of his city-state, wherein he is supreme ruler and does not let his subjects forget it.  In fact, these champions of the people actually despise the people.  What they love is an abstraction that always corresponds to their designs. How sad, how awful, indeed how apocalyptic is the spectacle of a Pope who has made himself one of them.


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