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Why Is Pope Francis So Fond of Tyrants?

Fatima Perspectives #1357

Pope Francis has had plenty of criticism for the leaders of democratic regimes, primarily Donald Trump, for “building walls” he deems immoral — with the convenient exception of the massive walls that surround him in Vatican City, built on a scale that Trump can only dream of.  But when it comes to socialist or communist tyrants, Francis exhibits only bonhomie coupled with a curious reticence in the face of brutalities that evoke protests around the world.

Whether it’s holding hands with Fidel Castro, the mass-murdering jailer of an entire nation, or blessing Nicolas Maduro, the socialist destroyer of Venezuela who has reduced his people to starvation, or receiving (and bringing home with him to the Vatican) a blasphemous hammer-and-sickle Crucifix from the tyrannical socialist dictator of Bolivia, Evo Morales,  Francis consistently demonstrates that he has never encountered a communist or socialist dictator he doesn’t like or whose depredations he is willing to criticize.  Exhibit A, of course, is the sellout of the Underground Church in China to the butchers of Beijing, whose genocide of the unborn seems to have escaped Francis’ ever-vigilant pursuit of what he considers social justice.

But the case of Evo Morales, with whom Francis has met at the Vatican no fewer than six times, is also particularly telling.  Father Raymond de Souza, writing for the Catholic Herald, addresses the question: “Why did Evo Morales find such favour at the Vatican?”  Morales has just been driven from the country after attempting to rig an election that would have given him a totally unconstitutional fourth term as President.  As Father de Souza notes, though Morales did not plunder the economy in the manner of Maduro, he “demonstrated ruthless tendencies early on, suppressing opponents, seizing control of the courts and using the electoral authorities for his own benefit.” Even the Organization of American States, called in by Morales himself in an effort to validate his sham election to a fourth term, “reported that there were too many irregularities to make the elections credible.”  As Bolivia was being convulsed by nationwide protests against Morales’ tyranny, “the military leadership ‘suggested’ that it was time for Morales to go, [and] he resigned and fled to Mexico.”

Father de Souza notes the revelation by Edward Pentin that Morales “was a ‘key figure’ in the presence of the Pachamamas at the recent Amazon synod.”  Pentin tweeted that Morales “who’s just resigned as Bolivia’s President, had a devotion to the Pachamama and reportedly was a key figure in reviving it & having it at the #AmazonSynod,” as shown by Morales’ own “tweet from Aug. 1 in which he gives thanks to Pachamama/‘Mother Earth’ in a ritual.”

When asked about Morales’ abrupt departure from Mexico during the in-flight press conference on the way back to Rome from Japan, Francis failed to exhibit his usual uncontainable volubility, declaring instead: “I wouldn’t want to say one word more because I am incompetent and I haven’t studied well and I honestly don’t understand it well.”  One wonders how well Francis studied the problems of mass illegal immigration in the United States and elsewhere before he issued his blanket judgment to the world that “Builders of walls, be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build.”  And what about the prisoners of nations ruled by Leftist tyrants?  Not a word from Francis in more than six years.

Father de Souza reports that “the new interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, has taken a rather different tack. She took office holding an enormous Book of the Gospels, announcing that ‘the Bible was back’ in the presidential office.”  Father de Souza poses an appropriately acerbic query: “The hammer and sickle and Pachamama are no longer the accoutrements of the Bolivian president. How long before Jeanine Áñez is given a warm welcome at the Vatican?”

The same self-answering question might be posed as to the anti-socialist, pro-Christian President of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, elected in 2018 after having barely survived an assassination attempt.  Speaking at the United Nations this year, Bolsonaro rejected the entire globalist agenda to which Francis seems determined to commit the Church and dared to cite Sacred Scripture and obedience to God as the foundation of justice in this world:

“We are not here to erase nationalities and overrule sovereignty in the name of an abstract ‘global interest.’ This is not the Global Interest Organization! This is the United Nations organization. And so it must remain…. When it comes to matters related to climate, democracy, human rights, to the equality of rights and duties between men and women and many others, all we need to do is contemplate the truth, following John 8:32. ‘Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’…

“Over the past few decades, we let ourselves be seduced by ideologies that sought not truth, but absolute power… Ideology has invaded our homes and tried to dismantle what is the celula mater of any healthy society: the family. It has also tried to destroy the innocence of our children in an attempt to corrupt even their most basic and elementary identity: the biological one.

“Ideology has invaded the human soul to rip it apart from God and from the dignity He bestowed on us…. And with these methods, ideology has always left a trail of death, ignorance, and misery wherever it went. I am living proof of this, I was cowardly knife-stabbed by a leftist militant and only survived by a miracle. Once again, I thank God for my life.”

That even a nominally Catholic politician sounds far more Catholic than the human head of the Catholic Church, whose “leftist agenda” Bolsonaro publicly opposes, is one of those “signs of the times” the neo-Modernist devotees of the windy locutions of Gaudium et Spes would prefer that the faithful ignore.  Indeed, a studied ignorance of the true signs of the times is precisely what has animated the Vatican’s suppression of what must surely be the Virgin’s own explanation, in the Third Secret, of the ecclesial debacle now unfolding before us.


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